Making Your Product Pop: The Best in Bountiful Background Trends to Consider

by | Sep 17, 2019

It’s easy to head into a photoshoot and NOT have A CLUE what backdrop to use.

*Big inhale and exhale*

Don’t fret, here at soona we’ll help you make these decisions.  When it comes to shooting products, backdrops can either kill a photo or make it POP. Whether it’s textures, solids, or patterns (OH MY!)—there’s a lot to consider. On top of that, the products themselves can make a pattern.

Below we’ve outlined a few examples of different backgrounds that can be used to take your product photography to the next level.


Solids, while minimal, can sometimes make the most powerful statement. The product is the star, demanding the eye’s attention. Nothing says, “I’m so beautiful you must purchase me!” like a solid background with a hard shadow. Nothing.


Patterns are the wildcard of the backdrop realm. They’re typically made by the product or a secondary prop while using a solid or textured backdrop. They can be linear and straightforward or more complex to appear like you’re looking into a kaleidoscope. Patterns make customers stop dead in their social tracks to smash the like button.


Textures add depth to a photo while giving our eyes a sense of context. A blanket may give off a sense of warmth and welcoming, while gritty concrete says urban jungle. At soona we love to get creative with textures, utilizing a variety of backdrops, such as onyx, wood and textiles.

Natural surroundings

If you have a lifestyle product, sometimes a natural surrounding lend itself to the best backdrop. If you have a candle, why not showcase it in a living room? Have an appliance? Our kitchen is likely the perfect location!

Like what you see? Let soona make beautiful content for you!