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how does soona work?


plan your shoot in just minutes! build your own photo or video shoot or select a pre-priced pack.


finalize your shot list and select your models! ship us your products in order to get on the schedule.


every shoot starts with a kickoff call. see content appear in real-time and give feedback through our live chat!


only pay for what you love: $39 photos & $93 video clips. select edits during check out. get your content back in 24 hrs.

frequently asked questions about soona

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do I need to join my virtual shoot with a hand model?

yes! virtual shoot attendance is required so you can give live feedback and we can capture your content just the way you need it.

if you do not attend we do our best to capture your goals. if you'd like more content with the hand model after we wrap: you must create another booking and pay for the hand model service.

hand models

do hand models arrive with manicures?

the hand model service includes clean and unpolished nails that are cared for by the model themselves at home. 

your model's hands will be moisturized and cuticles trimmed. nails will be free of dirt and no longer than 1 cm in length above the fingertip.

- if a color or a standard nail look + length is desired -use our press on manicure service for $39 per model.

- if you need your products applied to a model’s nails - use our custom manicure service for $109 per model.

hand models

what kind of models are available?

our models are everyday people local to our studios - and our directory is constantly changing! log into your soona account to browse our directory at book.soona.co/directory to see what kinds of people we may have available for your shoot.

after booking, you’ll filter and select your top preferred models.

if you can’t find who you’re looking for, email us at hey@soona.co with the details of your preferred model + we will let you know what options are available.

full body models

how do soona prices compare to a modeling agency?

prices at modeling agencies can be variable and booking fees can differ from model to model. there are also usage + renewal fees to use the content after the shoot and there may be extra fees added due to contract negotiations.

at soona you pay a one-time fee that is the same for every soona model. and that’s it! there are no usage or renewal fees - so you never have to worry about where or when you can use your content!


do I need to join my shoot if I book a model?

yes! attendance is mandatory for all shoots with models. this is to ensure that you can give live feedback to the model(s) and we can capture your content just the way you need it.

pet models

how much experience do your models have?

we pride ourselves on bringing everyday people local to our studios into our model directory! this allows us to celebrate diversity + accessibility + inclusivity. 

our models have a wide variety of experience in production. all models have one test shoot with soona and all operate under the same soona standards and expectations.

full body models

can I talk with my stylist before a shoot?

you can communicate live with stylists during shoot kick-off calls at the start of a shoot and using the chat feature during the shoot. please provide clear shot lists and shoot goals before your shoot so our stylists can review and execute on your expectations.

if you're looking to talk to a soona team member before a shoot for production and shot list support you can use our producer service starting at $999.


are stylists creative directors?

during your shoot our stylists efficiently recreate the shot list and shoot goals you provide. our stylists follow your creative direction to setup scenes and capture your vision. stylists add an extra set of hands to your shoot + helps bring your vision to life. stylists do not define your brand's creative vision or managing your creative project. you must provide a shot list and shoot goals before your shoot for our stylists to review and follow.


what's the price of a stylist?

the price of a stylist ranges from $249-$499.

$249 = 1 - 5 price (1 hour)        
$299 = 5 - 10 price (2 hours)
$349 = 10 - 15 price (3 hours)
$499 = 15 - 25 price (4 hours)        
$499 = video (4 hours)


what’s included?

inside our Etsy starter pack you’ll receive 5 photos and 1 hand model. what we recommend: utilize our white and colored backgrounds to capture multiple angles. insert your brand elements. bring your product to life with your included hand model in two lifestyle settings to really give your customers a feel for what your products might look and feel like in their hands.

packs — Etsy starter pack

what does fashion styling include?

our fashion stylists can:

  • steaming up to 5 items per hour booked
  • pin + fit apparel on models
  • create garment + accessory flatlays

steaming for large quantities of items will require adding our steaming service. if you're looking to include a mannequin in your shoot you can book our ghost mannequin service starting at $249 for seamless floating shots of your apparel.


how many items can you steam during my shoot?

we can steam up to 20 items. more than 20 items will require multiple steaming upgrades.


how many press on colors can we book in one shoot?

as many as your shoot duration allows! expect around 15 minutes per nail change for the model to remove and reapply a new color.

press on manicure

how was soona started?

soona was founded by Liz Giorgi and Hayley Anderson after realizing how hard and expensive it is to create professional photo & video. Liz and Hayley are a dynamic founding creative team with a shared vision of using tech to enhance the work of creatives and improve access to high-quality custom content.

about us

what if I don't need a model for the entire shoot?

we suggest you make a booking dedicated to just model shots. this may mean you create two bookings - one for model photos and another for non-model photos. 

for example: if you need 16 photos with no model and 12 photos with a hand model we suggest you book one hand model shoot in the 10-15 photo range. and book another shoot without a model in the 16-25 photo range. 

if you have special shoot needs or need help with booking reach out to hey@soona.co for suggestions!

hand models

do I need to join my shoot if I book a model?

yes! attendance is mandatory for all shoots with models. this is to ensure that you can give live feedback to the model(s) and we can capture your content just the way you need it.


how much experience do your models have?

we pride ourselves on bringing everyday people local to our studios into our model directory. this allows us to celebrate diversity. accessibility & inclusivity. we offer a wide range of relatable models who have different levels of experience in production. all soona models undergo a test shoot and all operate under the same soona standards and expectations.


what’s included?

our fashion starter pack includes 9 photos + a ghost mannequin and our professional fashion stylists to perfectly convey the details and dynamism of your clothing. these assets are perfect for any application. ecommerce shop. social channels. print. catalogs. and more!

packs — fashion starter pack

what if I don’t see the color or nail shape I need?

email hey@soona.co with reference photos of your desired look. we may be able to work some soona magic and provide your request! if your desired nail look is unavailable as a press on - book with our custom manicure service to achieve your shoot goals.

press on manicure

is product assembly included in styling?

stylists can unpack and spruce up your assembled products for shoot readiness. products or props that arrive in unassembled pieces will require our $79+ non-furniture assembly or $149+ furniture assembly service.


what if I need shots above the elbow? or want to feature other body parts?

for content that features anything more than hands (such as face. upper arms. torso. legs or feet) please book a full body model.

hand model shots can also be achieved with a full body model.

hand models

how many looks can the hair + makeup artist style during the shoot?

soona hair and makeup artists can accomplish up to two natural hair + makeup looks within one hour. (we can style + photograph one look about every 30 minutes.)

if your shoot goals require changing hair or makeup styles during the session be prepared to account for the extra styling time the artist needs to change the look.

if you have questions about your specific shoot needs + need duration suggestions email hey@soona.co.

hair + makeup

what is A+ content?

any brand registered in the Amazon Brand Registry can now upgrade its product details page to include A+ content - formerly known as Enhanced Brand Content. this rich set of tools can improve sales by 5.6% as it allows you to supercharge your appearance in Amazon search and improve the overall conversion rate of each product details page on Amazon. 

learn more on Amazon.com

packs — A+ content basic

do I need to join my shoot if I book a model?

yes! attendance is mandatory for all shoots with models. this is to ensure that you can give live feedback to the model(s) and we can capture your content just the way you need it.

full body models

I’m a nail product brand. how can I showcase my product on models?

to get your nail brand or product looking its best on a model - book with our custom manicure service. the model(s) will take your product to a local salon and have a professional nail tech apply your product before the shoot.

please prepare to send an extra set or two of your product. one for photographing. and another for our models to take to the nail salon.

press on manicure
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how does model selection work?

after you build a shoot with a foot model, you'll be able to select your models in the pro services tab of your new booking. models are featured from most available to schedule with to least available. filters are available for basic traits such as shoe size, skin tone, gender, age and more.

you'll use portfolio photos + model details to determine your top 2-3 model preferences. then you'll describe any extra model details such as shaving, nail, and wardrobe needs. if you decide to send wardrobe, your chosen model's sizes will be surfaced.

from there, soona does the rest! we will communicate and coordinate with the model. you get to focus on shipping your product, building your shotlist, or any other prep.

what if I want the model to wear something other than the standard wardrobe?

foot models will arrive with the standard wardrobe options and can feature any combination of those items: from bare legs + feet to long pants + shoes.any additional wardrobe options (bottoms, socks, shoes, sandals, jewelry, etc.) should be sent to the studio with your product.

what about leg hair?

our models are everyday people local to our studio. generally, what you see is what you get! if the model has shaved legs in their modeling profile, they will arrive with shaved legs for the shoot. alternatively, if they have leg hair, you can expect hair on the booking.

you may, however, indicate a shaved leg preference during model selection. please note that a model could decide to not service bookings with shaved leg preferences different than what is shown in their profile.

what are the grooming standards for foot models?

soona foot models perform their own at-home self-care prior to the shoot. all are expected to arrive with well groomed, moisturized, and clean skin + nails.

for an extra polished look or to showcase your nail products, add the custom pedicure upgrade.

what is the app that adds shadows to photos?

the soona Media Editor can add shadows to photos. it can also help you remove backgrounds, change background colors, add a white background, add text, and make other edits to your product photos. 

how do you add shadows to photos?

You can add shadows to photos for free using the soona Media Editor. Simply upload your image and the AI tool will automatically detect where and how to place the shadow. No need for complicated software here!

how do you apply text directly to an image?

  1. select an image from your soona gallery 
  2. upload your image to our free add text to photo tool 
  3. add your text
  4. download your edited image
  5. publish the photo wherever you sell!

can you add text to an iPhone photo?

yes, you can add text to an iPhone photo. you can do it on your phone, or you can upload the photo to the free soona Media Editor and add text there. 

how can I add text to a photo?

you can add text to a photo for free using the soona Media Editor. simply upload your image and add your text. you can play with plain text, stylish font combinations, text styles, and more.

Can I provide feedback on generated names?

Absolutely! We encourage you to provide feedback to help us improve our AI-powered tools.


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