can I bring my own model?

absolutely! you are more than welcome to coordinate your own model for your shoot. please just let us know in the details tab of your booking that you will be doing so.

how do I know if I need the styling pro service?

your soona shoot includes one photographer. a stylist provides an extra pair of hands to assist with things like: 

  • 5+ items in a single shot
  • swatches or cosmetic textures
  • food or ingredients 
  • apparel that needs to be steamed + styled + folded + pinned
  • you want to recreate the style of a shot you saw somewhere else

after you book we review your goals and shot list. some shoots may require the styling pro service to be executed successfully.

does soona provide models?

yes! soona offers full body models + hand models + pet models. learn more about soona’s models here. you will select your preferences via the pro services tab after you complete your booking.

see our models 👇




Los Angeles

if I choose grocery shopping: can soona just pick out things for my shoot?

we want to get exactly what you want for your shoot! we’ll send a form for you to fill out and make a shopping list for us. need some ideas? check out our inspo page to see what’s possible at soona!

please note: fresh ingredients are sourced at local grocery stores near each studio. seasons can affect which fruits, vegetables, plants, or flowers are available.

what if i want to show more than just hands during the shoot?

the hand model pro service is just for hands. please choose a full body model instead if you’d like to show a full body, face, or feet.

does styling include props?

stylists have access to our standard studio props! any props outside this list can be shipped to our studio. book our grocery shopping services for any fresh ingredients you may need.

what if I don't like my model?

we strive to keep our model images up to date so you know exactly what to expect!

if you are not happy with your model - book with a different model for your next shoot! please note that pro services are non-refundable.