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"The soona team was on top of their game bringing our products to life so seamlessly and the turnaround was quick. Our video clips will be used across our eCommerce retailers and I’m excited to see engagement skyrocket!"
"We loved working with the soona team on our latest video project! We did a video call with their staff, which helped us set expectations. Video production with soona was seamless and is absolutely something our brand is looking to continue in the future!"
"This was my first time trying a video with soona, and I have to say, it blew me away. Together, we created super satisfying content that we used in our e-mail marketing, ads, as well as various landing pages. Their team was open to our suggestions and made everything look so cinematic! 10/10!"
Best experience ever!
I feel like they are willing to do anything you require! Make sure to plan well before the shoot day so you get the best out of it!! Highly recommended. I used doggie models as well. Easy to work with!!
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a hand model holding a vitamin on a blue backdrop
Best experience ever!
I feel like they are willing to do anything you require! Make sure to plan well before the shoot day so you get the best out of it!! Highly recommended. I used doggie models as well. Easy to work with!!
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build your own video shoot comprised of $93 clips. models. upgrades and add-ons. get inspired by these examples below!

video packs starting at $269

we've taken the guesswork out of creating the perfect video shoot with our curated packs. get access to all your footage and buy separate clips for $93/each post shoot.

Amazon product overview video pack
perfect for Amazon product listings.

30 second video (5 clips)

text + graphics

1 music track

1 full body model

($420 off)
model demo video
feature a full body model in a lifestyle setting and a music track to match.

30-60 second video

1 full body model

1 music track

($357 off)
product highlight video
perfect for ecomm and social media.

15-30 second video

3 angles of your product

1 music track

brand new to video?
the easiest way to create dynamic video with soona is with one of our packs!

pre-built shot list

buy additional clips anytime

meets creative best practices

save up to 25% off

($469 OFF)
Shopify video pack

1 edited video up to 30 seconds

1 full body model

1 music track

($270 OFF)
full body model b-roll action pack

6 video clips

1 full body model

($350 OFF)
hand model b-roll action pack

8 video clips

1 hand model

 video premium editing add-ons

a single video clip includes standard editing. you may select premium edits to make a magical final edit.


have soona combine 2+ clips. pay once and get 1 export.


tell us the style. we'll add a song to your video.


add your logo or send us a graphic.


callout how your product works. clear copy cues are clutch.

additional crops

crop an existing video to a new aspect ratio.


become video preferred

upgrade to a new soona experience full of exclusive perks and discounts to save you thousands. it’s like the in-house team you always wanted.
dedicated account manager
free edits & add-ons. yep.
savings start at $950


get personalized video scripts to help move you out of writer’s block and into making video magic.

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frequently asked questions about video

what are the premium video editing add-ons?

the $93 clip includes color correction + trimming your video + soona delivering an edited MP4. 

video clips are the start and stopping of a recording up to 2 minutes long at 1 camera angle. you can purchase the clips individually at $93 per clip and edit them on your own. or a soona pro can edit your clips together for $93 per clip plus a $99 flat fee. we also have editing add-ons. you can also select pro services (such as a model or styling). this is a prepaid nonrefundable fee and cannot be applied to the purchase of content.

  • pro edit $99: if you are combining 2 clips or 20 clips into 1 final video
  • add music $49: you tell us the vibe. we’ll add a royalty-free song
  • add graphics $49: all logos and graphics must be provided by you! we’ll add to your edit
  • add line of text $9: each sentence or text call out is considered one line
  • crop video $49: first delivered drop is free! each additional crop is $49

read more about the video editing options here!

how do I check out after my shoot to get a final edited video?

  1. select the bag icon in the top right corner of the video clips you'd like in your final edit
  2. add the $99 pro edit add-on to 1 of the clips in your bag. you may select other add-ons like music. text. or graphics
  3. leave detailed notes about the order you’d like the clips in
  4. enter payment info. check out. we’ll edit and deliver your final video in 24 hours

what is a clip and what’s included?

video clips are one camera angle for up to 2 minutes. anything longer than 2 minutes will be split into multiple clips. video clips are purchased a la carte for $93 each. we offer a $99 pro edit to combine multiple clips together into one edited video. 

the content we capture within a clip depends on your booking selection.

how can I book a stop motion video?

we have 1 stop motion pack that is available to book here

we have 3 other off-menu custom stop motion options that you can view on our stop motion page. e-mail us at to let us know which one you'd like to book and we'll take care of the rest!

which video options can you book without a model?

we have 3 easy video options that are possible without a model: 

  1. 360 spin: your product under the bright lights on a 360-degree carousel
  2. product b-roll: great for showing texture and packaging
  3. stop motion: animated photos of your product

for any other video type: a hand or full body model is necessary to interact with your product. once you book your video with a model you’ll be prompted to select your top 3-5 model choices from soona’s model collective.

can I capture photo and video in the same booking?

photo and video bookings must be created separately. we’ll do our best to schedule your bookings efficiently.

what type of video performs best in ecommerce?

our video menu is based on the top-performing videos on ecomm platforms. explore this page to determine what is best for your product and audience. 

check out our most popular video: the how to demo. this video is perfect for your product listing and social channels! another ecomm favorite is our 360 spin video.

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