hair + makeup styling

starting price: $299/artist

required for professional application of beauty or hair products.

how it works
  1. select the hair + makeup service during booking
  2. tell us who requires hair + makeup
  3. upload inspiration photos
  4. soona sources and schedules the hair + makeup artist for your shoot
  5. artist begins styling 30 min prior to the shoot so you’re ready to go by start time!
what's included

what’s included:

  • 1 certified hair + makeup artist to complete up to 2 natural hair + makeup looks per hour
  • 30 min hair + makeup styling prep before your shoot
  • touch ups throughout the entire shoot
  • hair + makeup tools. supplies. and materials
  • 1 hair + makeup artist can service up to 2 different  looks in one hour

what's NOT included:

  • editorial or high fashion hair + makeup
  • special effects or prosthetics
  • cutting. coloring. or elaborate hairstyles
  • hair + makeup artist performing services on camera
required for
  • light professional hair styling: blow drying. curling or straightening
  • professional makeup application
  • applying customer provided makeup products on a model 
  • using a customer provided hair or makeup device on a model
  • stylist attention to hair + makeup detail throughout entire shoot

one flat rate per artist.

up to 1 hour
up to 2 hours
per model
photo & video shoot
per hour
photo & video shoot
set rate
photo & video shoot
photo & video shoot
mani + pedi
photo & video shoot
+ cost of goods
photo & video shoot
more info!

ensure everyone is ready for lights. camera. action!

have a professional make your hair or beauty product look its best on a model. or pamper yourself and one other person before and during your headshot session.
hair + makeup styling
hair + makeup styling
hair + makeup styling
hair + makeup styling
hair + makeup styling
hair + makeup styling


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only pay for the assets you love. $39 photos & $93 videos.

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models & upgrades faqs

still have questions? here are the ones we answer all the time.

how many hair + makeup artists should I book if I need styling for multiple people?

general rule of thumb - 2 people can be styled by 1 hair and makeup artist within a one hour time period.

if you need 4 models styled within one hour - 2 hair and makeup artists will be required. 

if you need 4 models styled within two or more hours - only 1 hair and makeup artist is needed.

if you have questions about your specific shoot needs - please email for booking suggestions.

how many looks can the hair + makeup artist style during the shoot?

soona hair and makeup artists can accomplish up to two natural hair + makeup looks within one hour. (we can style + photograph one look about every 30 minutes.)

if your shoot goals require changing hair or makeup styles during the session be prepared to account for the extra styling time the artist needs to change the look.

if you have questions about your specific shoot needs + need duration suggestions email

is hair + makeup included with a full body model?

soona models arrive with natural hair + little to no makeup. all hair + makeup is done by the models at home before they arrive.

if you wish to have the model’s hair or makeup styled professionally - you must book the hair + makeup service in addition to the full body model.

can I have the hair + makeup artist style on camera?

if you would like to have the hair + makeup artist style a person on camera - please email

our team will assist in your booking process and source an artist that is comfortable being on camera to perform the tasks.

note: an additional full body model fee will be required on top of the hair + makeup fee.

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