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pricing for bookings of:
1-5 photos   
$249 per stylist
6-10 photos   
$299 per stylist
11-15 photos   
$349 per stylist
16-25 photos   
$499 per stylist
video shoots   
$499 per stylist

need more than 25 photos? contact us!

hire a pro stylist for your shoot to capture any ideas involving food, props or apparel. add styling if you need:

  • more than 5 items in a single shot
  • swatches of your product to highlight texture or color
  • food or ingredients styled with your product
  • clothing or fabrics to be steamed, pinned, and styled
  • bedroom scenes + other decorated lifestyle setups
  • assembly or preparation of your product before the shoot
  • to recreate the style of a shot you saw somewhere else

note: without styling there will be one photographer on set. after you book, we will review your shot list and email you if a stylist is needed to accomplish your shoot goals.


styling adds an extra set of hands to your shoot + helps bring your vision to life. it’s the tiny touch your set needs to truly shine.

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