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pet model

pricing for bookings of:
1-5 photos   
$129 per pet model
6-10 photos   $199 per pet model
11-15 photos   $249 per pet model
16-25 photos   $299 per pet model
video shoots   $299 per pet model

need more than 25? contact us

sit. stay. demo! add a furry friend to your shoot. tell us if you prefer a dog or cat and we’ll send along our pet model directory to choose from. if the pet needs to take a certain action: we’ll discuss with the pet parent and let you know if it is possible.

check out our pet model directory here


pet models are the perfect companions – for humans and your products. pet models help demo products with a warmth + burst of happiness you just can’t get otherwise. hot tip: pets featured in content perform well across all categories! bring some fresh paws to your feed by adding a dog or cat to a lifestyle scene.

No items found.
pet model
pet model