what are the payment options?

you can purchase discounted photo credits directly with a credit card from our Preferred Checkout Page. your photo & video credits & preferred perks are available immediately. 

if you need to pay via ACH please email sales@soona.co.

we can explore payment plans for preferred 200 and above. we want to work with you for the best plan! please reach out to sales@soona.co with your request and we’ll see how we can help.

can you bundle photo & video?

yes, and this unlocks some serious savings! our most popular bundle is to add 25 discounted video clips or GIFs to your photo preferred plan.

what is preferred scheduling?

with our standard soona experience: soona will schedule your shoot at the next available time once we have confirmed that your product is in the studio this is typically an average of 10 days.

for our preferred clients: you’ll share the days and times that work best for you with your account manager and they will prioritize your shoot to best meet your request. 

what does free premium photo editing include?

with our standard soona experience: each $39 photo includes one complimentary touch-up after purchase. if your photos need more custom editing: premium add-ons are $9 each. 

premium photo add-ons $9 each:

  • change background color
  • PNG file with transparent background or pure white
  • product touch-up
  • smooth skin
  • pattern creation
  • photoshop touch-ups
  • raw file delivery

for our preferred photo clients: preferred plans include free premium editing! you may select each premium add-on on your preferred photos during checkout. any additional variants or revisions after your initial order are $9 each.

what does account management include?

with the standard soona experience: 

  • use the self-serve platform to build and manage your shoots 
  • our support team offers chat and email support 
  • if you need more robust one-on-one support and a pre-shoot call: add the producer pro service to your shoot at $999 

preferred 200 and 500 clients unlock account management which includes: 

  • dedicated email point of contact at soona whose goals are your goals
  • monthly check-in call to learn your goals & make personalized booking recommendations
  • if you need more robust one-on-one support and a pre-shoot call: add the producer pro service to your shoot with your preferred pro service discount