what do I need to do after I book?

ship your products and share what you want to create. not sure what shots you need? soona has packs that make it SUPER easy for you. check them out here!

do I get to choose my date and time for my shoot?

our schedulers pick a date and time that works best for our schedule to make sure you will get the best experience based on your shoot goals. you will receive an email with the date and time. have a conflict with the time? please let us know asap and we will do our best to get you rescheduled for a time that works better. in the event that you need to reschedule, we require 2 business days notice.

what is fast pass?

with the fast pass you can:

  • store your package at the soona studio
  • get fast pass access to scheduling 
  • early access to new features

fast pass allows up to two 20 x 20 x 20 boxes. oversized items are subject to additional fees. the $39 recurring fee is billed monthly on the day you signed up to the last card on file. should you cancel storage prior to the end of the month there is no proration in billing.

note: when making your next booking: select the “my product is already at soona” option.

after you create your booking: under the “ship your products” tab please click “options” and then “use stored products” to let us know which of your stored products we’ll be using on that shoot. your shoot cannot be scheduled without this!

I am outside of the US - do I still get a free shipping label? 

at this time the free shipping label is only good for shipments within the US.

I’m not shipping a product because it’s already at your studio - how do I proceed?

visit the details tab of your booking and scroll down to “ship your products” + “options”. then select “use stored products” and add the products you’d like us to capture on that booking. this will notify us that your products are already in studio 😊

I shipped my product! where do I add tracking? 

visit the details tab of your booking and scroll down to “ship your products”. click options + add a tracking number. this lets us know your product is on the way so we can keep an eye out for it! 

will we have a call to plan before the shoot?

your kickoff call will take place at the start of your scheduled shoot. you will be able to go over the creative details + shot list and the goals for your shoot. add a producer to your shoot if you would like to have a designated point of contact prior to your scheduled shoot time. learn more about this additional service here.

can I edit or cancel my order?

if you need to make changes to your order: please email hey@soona.co asap. we cannot make changes to your order after your edits have been delivered. soona does not provide refunds.

how do I add a promo code?

enter the promo code on the downpayment screen where it says “promo code”. make sure to enter this code when booking (NOT when checking out after a shoot). you can apply one promo per build your own booking and cannot apply a promo to an existing booking or to recommended packs.

rescheduling + cancellations + refunds


rescheduling: you may reschedule your shoot one time by emailing hey@soona.co no later than 2 business days before your booking. we’ll do our best to accommodate a better time.


your booking is good for a full year from the date of purchase. your booking deposit is non-refundable. if you'd like to cancel your booking: you will forfeit your deposit. please reach out to hey@soona.co to cancel your booking. you can review our full terms here: soona.co/terms 


soona does not provide refunds. if you are not thrilled with your content we will make it right! please reach out at hey@soona.co and we’ll work together to create content you love.

you received my product - how long until we can shoot?

we aim to schedule your shoot at the next available time within 1 week after we receive you product. this time can vary. shoots with pro services require additional coordination which may extend the time to schedule your shoot. please double check that you’ve filled out any & all forms on the pro services tab of your booking. you will receive an email confirmation once we have you on the calendar. 

how does shipping work?

soona provides your first USPS label free! click on the details tab of your booking and scroll down to the “ship your product” section. click options + “create shipping label”.

what about return shipping?
during booking you’ll share your preference for what to do with your product post-shoot.

store: soona’s fast pass program stores your product and props in studio until your next shoot. $39 per month. 

return: we’ll send it right back for the cost of the label and a $20 return handling fee.

discard: we’ll safely discard your product in a way that protects your brand.

I’m not sure what to book! can soona recommend a booking?

here to help! we offer 2 types of shoots:

select “build your own” to choose each detail of your shoot + pay a la carte. want a pre-built pack? select a pack! these shoots are prepaid. discounted. and created with ecomm and social media best practices in mind. 

still have questions? email our team at hey@soona.co and we will create a customized booking for you based on your goals.