up your content game: add color


February 4, 2020

in a sea of product shots on white backgrounds: make your product pop with bright colors and vibrant backdrops.

white ecomm shots are necessary. but there's SO much more you can do outside of product-on-white. a colorful product shot POPS in a scroll.


add monochromatic moods

find a color that makes your brand look best and own it.

a monochromatic color scheme is a simple way to bring a clean, but eye-catching setting to make your product the hero. using different variations of a single hue brings a distinct look and feel to your content, and more importantly, more eyeballs 👀on your products.

try a color story: follow a color palette and give your customers a visual way to make a connection to your brand.


add colorful contrasts

contrast is the difference in color that helps us distinguish objects and textures. black and white is the most common, but at soona we like to play with colorful 🔥(spicier!) 🔥contrasts.

make your product the hero of the scene by placing it on a backdrop with high contrast to create vibrancy.

try a high contrast background: find separation between the darkest and brightest areas of the image. use a color wheel and see what colors complement each other and give your product a boost.


add gentle neutrals

adding color to your content doesn’t mean you have to use electric hues. neutral colors are a fantastic alternative to the common white backdrop and can give a softness to your product. neutral earth tones can visually communicate comfort, ease and simplicity.

try soft earth tones: in your product photography that you’d normally shoot on white, try a cream, grey, or beige backdrop. a neutral fabric is another way to add interesting shadows and texture.

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