Three Ways To Get Your Brand Holiday Ready

by | Oct 24, 2019

Whether you are ready or not, the holiday season is upon us and it’s time to make shit happen. 💪

Are you freaking out because you don’t have any ideas yet? Like, where do you even start? What do you do first? 😬 The next two months are going to be cray. But don’t fret. We got you. Here are three simple steps to get you going…


Get into the mood. When it comes to holiday content, it’s all about flat-lays. ❄️🎄🍪 🥛 It’s a lively way to show off your e-commerce products with festive props. (Think holiday lights, hot cocoa drinks, candy canes, presents, etc.) Once your scene is laid out, there are tons of options and ways to mix it up. Maybe you want to add twinkle lights, a spinning dreidel, snowflakes, or perhaps you want to add a human element with a hand coming into the frame. (Maybe even a Santa hand.) 🎅 Just make sure you plan on the scene being extra wide to fit different aspect ratios. The great part about flat-lays is that you can repurpose them for emails, website banners, or social posts for your feeds.


Create a giveaway, contest, or competition. 🏆 What do people love more than getting a great discount? Getting something for free, duh. First, figure out what your customers really want and what you are willing to giveaway. Announce your contest with an initial post on your feed (ideally a picture of the product), then continue to promote the contest with additional product imagery, Instagram stories, boomerangs, stop motions, and other video content.


Create a holiday gift guide or gift gallery on your website. Folks will be online shopping all day, every day for the next two months, so make sure your e-commerce photography is fresh and ready to go. This is also a great opportunity to collab with another brand that you love. 🎁 Develop a gift box together and cross-promote on your social channels. Stop motions will be trending hard this season and are the best way to showcase gift boxes. They add energy and life to your feed and stop folks mid-scroll.

And as always, if you are stuck and need help coming up with content ideas – reach out to us. We are always happy to jump on the phone and brainstorm holiday content campaigns. Let’s make some holiday magic together. 😃📞✨⛄