have a stress-free holiday season with soona

by | Oct 2, 2020

preparing for the end of year can be stressful for many reasons but creating a wide range of beautiful content shouldn’t be one of them. 

to make the holidays stress-free soona is offering 12 (count ‘em: 12!) styled holiday scenes and the name of the game is variety. you can get all your holiday content needs in one. single. shoot.

that’s right: soona is becoming your one-stop-shop holiday content creation station! you can pick as many holiday scenes as you’d like for your shoot. only need 1 or 2 scenes? great! obsessed with all 12? we like your style! and of course each photo and video clip is still only $39 and $93. 

check out our holiday pack scenes:


spruce it up

wrap party

white winter dreams

all that glitters is gold

presently pink

silent lights

cozy feels


let it snow

ribbon tree

gift goals

and a happy new year

learn more about our holiday scenes here

ready to sleigh the holidays? 

click “holiday pack” when making your booking! you’ll then be able to choose the holiday scenes you want to shoot.


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