Black Friday or Cyber Monday? Help!?

by | Nov 7, 2019


So what’s the deal with Black Friday and Cyber Monday? And which one should you care about?

The answer – BOTH 🛍️

Not having a content plan for this big online shopping weekend is a huge mistake and will cost you 💰💰💰

Why? Let’s break it down.

Black Friday 🛒

We all know what Black Friday is. I’m sure we all have the one aunt or cousin (or maybe it’s you) who leaves Thanksgiving early to get some “rest” so they can wake up at 4 a.m. and camp outside of some big box store for that free TV… It’s a thing. Why? Because the day after Thanksgiving is known as the official start to Christmas shopping. This day is when most big retail stores offer wild doorbuster deals, crazy reduced prices and free stuff.

Cyber Monday 💻

Remember the first time you purchased something from the internet? (yeah I don’t either.) But, believe it or not, Cyber Monday has only been around since 2005. (14 amazing, wonderful years of online shopping.) And even though today we buy almost everything online, sometimes an in-store sale is just so good, it gets folks off the couch and into an actual store. Thus, Cyber Monday was born as a way for online brands to compete with brick and mortar stores during the holiday season.

Also – why Monday? Well, fun fact – people like to online shop while they’re at work (but not me, wink wink).

Which One Should my Brand Care About? 🤔

The answer is BOTH!

Today, Black Friday is considered just as much an online event as it is a brick and mortar one. Shoppers usually bust out their laptop (and credit card) starting Friday morning for those online deals. So if you’re planning your online campaign for your brand, make sure to start on Friday. Seriously. Don’t be caught without a plan. This is when everyone will be launching their deals and sales. You don’t want to go old-school and wait until Monday…Monday is TOO LATE. Your customers are expecting the deals on Friday. Don’t keep them waiting. soona is here to help. 🤗

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