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how to punch above your weight class with content

by | Feb 10, 2021

let’s get real. we all know what the competition looks like. on Instagram: beautiful product photos are the norm. if your image is anything less than picture-perfect it’ll drown in a tide of bright & shiny posts. 

okay. you’re thinking: better step up my content game. 

but let’s say you’re not there yet. you’re a new business. you don’t have the cash to hire professional models and photoshop artists. don’t worry—I got you. here’s how your business can punch above its weight class in content.

don’t settle for product-on-white

let’s be clear: i’m not telling you NOT to do product-on-white. it’s an industry standard and you can totally do it. i’m saying don’t ONLY do product-on-white. 

higher-end brands have been skipping this step and going straight for stylized images that tell a product’s story. your images should show your consumer what they’ll experience if they buy your product. you can play with color backdrops. shapes. scale. and relevant props. you can even go straight lifestyle and show your product in a living room or a kitchen. here’s a blog post all about how to step up the context of your product pics without emptying your wallet.

add a person

what’s a hallmark sign that your brand is growing up? a professional model in your shot. human beings make for the most compelling product pics. 

don’t have the capital yet? no worries! you can easily make your best friend look like a professional model. 

let’s say you’re using a friend’s hand holding your product. here’s what you do. step one: manicure (be sure to use clear or skin-tone polish). step two: moisturizer and lotion. this combo will make your consumer think: that looks super profesh

another tip. if you want to do a full body model: you can use soona to get access to a marketplace of models less than it would usually cost. you’re welcome.

create product families

well-established businesses with plenty of products will arrange them all together in a photo. this is a great way to show the depth and breadth of the products they’ve got on offer. and it plants the idea of putting all those products in the cart!

i’m encouraging you to steal this method. if you’ve only got a few products – that’s fine. just multiply. let’s say you’re selling bath bombs. lotion. and shampoo. grab three of each. boom! instant family. this technique creates an illusion of depth and abundance. magical.

don’t be afraid to use a pattern for an eye-catching picture. or replicate your image in photoshop and make it look endless.

you’ve heard it before: fake it ‘til you make it. this couldn’t be more true when your business needs professional-looking pics. we hope you’ll use these tricks of the trade next time you’re looking for ways to make your pics stand out.

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