6 ways to sweeten your Amazon main images

by | Sep 15, 2020

who doesn’t like a little eye candy? it immediately draws attention. captivates the imagination. and boosts levels of oxytocin (the “feel good hormone”) — which means it can make your day a little brighter. 

eye candy isn’t just about sizzling looks when it comes to eCommerce and Amazon listings. it can make your product stand out above and beyond the competition. gain you more clicks. and ultimately increase sales. 

ready to see for yourself? Mindful Goods has compiled six ways they use soona to dazzle up Amazon main images on the daily with a pop of eye candy:

white space.

aka negative space. the blank white area around your product in your main image. on Amazon this main image always has to be on white but that shouldn’t hold back your creativity. every brand has its own in-house strategy for image composition but reducing white space is a must when it comes to Amazon’s best practices. that means filling the frame as much as possible to give a large appearance. bigger images are more visually enticing and allow your product to get more attention in search results where competition is fierce in many categories.

for some products you can further that up-close-and-personal quality by turning your standard photo into a 3D render. that’ll transform your image from good to something you can almost pluck right out of your screen.


the word shadow may conjure things that are dark and mysterious but when it comes to Amazon images shadows can immediately create a sense of space and give your product a polished & professional look. 

so get creative. try a shadow coming off of your product as if you were looking at it on a sunny day. a liquid shadow gives a sense of scale and a sophisticated glassy surface beneath your product. try a hard shadow for a dramatic effect or even outline your product in a shadowy shade of your choice to give your image a burst of color. shadows can also create the effect of floating to really set your products apart.

close ups of ingredients or accessories.

pop quiz: what would you rather take a bite of: a mouthwatering morsel or the package it comes in? an image of quality ingredients adds value by showing the quality of your food or beauty product while an image that includes accessories provides information & transparency and shows customers exactly what they’re paying for. There’s a good reason this time-tested strategy remains popular with marketers and advertisers everywhere.


this eye-candy strategy is just fun. it’s playful & creative and it makes your product stand out. try a diagonal angle for an individual product. flare out the items in a variety pack like a deck of cards. or pair an angle with a closeup to foreground your ingredients.

pack size.

whether you’re selling a duo. a six-pack. or 100 individual products. creatively displaying the entire set allows your customer to understand exactly what they’re purchasing with a quick scan of the eye. this strategy is especially helpful when it comes to variety packs. in one image you get to show off all your flavors and packaging while informing your customer and showing a value buy which Amazon shoppers are particularly conditioned to shop for.


great packaging can go a long way. for some types of products (like beauty) it can be the sole reason a customer chooses one product over another. showing your product next to the box or bag it comes in can increase perceived value by making your product look more delicious. more exciting. more expensive.


there are so many ways to use eye candy but how can you determine which look will drive your customers wild? if you can’t decide between two of your favorite soona images let us introduce a bonus pro tip to help you test and validate your split test (also known as an a/b test). you can also utilize a platform service such as PickFu allows you to quickly share your images and crowdsource feedback from your target market within minutes. if you want to ask “which image do you like better? why?” split testing allows you to get the answers to help you confidently select the best image from your product and drive results.

with the right eye candy you can give your Amazon customers some sugar while boosting your click throughs and sales. contact Mindful Goods for a mini-audit and to get started on this eye-licious adventure.

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this is a guest post written by Daniela Bolzmann who is the Founder of MindfulGoods.co: the one-stop-shop for Amazon listings done better. this female-led agency supports passionate brand builders to step up their Amazon game with done-for-you creative that makes products stand out and SELL! 



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