what everybody models means for businesses

by | Jul 6, 2021

Q: what is everybody models

A: in short – it’s soona’s fix for the modeling industry + its outdated approach. our models are normal. everyday people.

here are the full deets on why we built a non-traditional full-body + hand + pet model business inside our business.

but for now: here’s what it means for your business.

when it comes to creating content with humans: models should reflect your consumers. all of them. ecommerce reaches so much of the world – a world made up of so many types of people. and when we talk about inclusivity we’re talking about all of the ways your consumers might identify: shape + size. race + ethnicity. gender. ability. age. and so. much. more.

when people see themselves + those they love represented they:


in a world as culturally aware + diverse as the one we’re in now: consumers are less likely to inherently trust brands they’re not familiar with. in fact – in a study done by Edelman – 70% of consumers say trusting a brand is more important than ever before. and 85% look to brands to be visionaries + problem solvers + be a positive force in shaping our culture. if your company believes in representation: it’s beyond important for your content to reflect it.


trust is the first step in most purchasing decisions – whether we realize it’s happening or not. and most consumers will purchase in response to that newfound trust in a company. in a Google study of 3,000: 64% of consumers took an action after watching an ad they considered inclusive. 

💡 we address this stat + more in our trend report.


customers who love and trust your brand will return + repurchase. in this Marketing Charts report: it’s noted that 82% percent of US consumers and 75% of global respondents said they will keep buying from a brand they trust – even if other brands become trendy. plus – they will advocate for the brand. 76% globally + 78% in the US said they’ll recommend brands they trust if someone asks. 

everybody models was born out of hope that we can change a particularly traditional + exclusive industry and provide opportunities for every kind of body. but it will live on because this industry – and this world – needs it. 


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