Say Goodbye to Stock: How soona Saves Clients from Stock

by | May 30, 2019

“I love stock content,” said no one, ever. Like, sincerely. I don’t know anyone who enjoys the process of painfully scrolling through boring, but oddly specific images and video clips while thinking: “How am I going to make this work on Instagram?”

And yet, every marketer, social media coordinator or brand manager finds themselves in one of these situations at some point:

  1. Needing that Oh-Sh*t-We-Forgot-About-Hashtag-Of-The-Day-Day Photo

  2. A famous influencer is repping the product – let’s respond with some visual love!

  3. A new product is launching – TOMORROW – and there is not enough fresh content to get through even two email blasts.

Do these give you second hand embarrassment chills? I would not blame you for straight up ditching this blog post and cracking open a beer. I get it. But, deep breaths.

Creating digital content is NOT easy. So when these situations arise, brands end up turning to stock content sites in hopes of finding something that is moderately inoffensive ENOUGH. But, we all know that inoffensive doesn’t:

  • Create loyal, passionate brand advocates

  • Drive engagement with your products

  • Convert to sales

And that’s why soona is such a critical tool for marketers, social media coordinators or brand managers who find themselves up against these dynamics where business needs and and business outcomes come head to head.

We are big believers in action items. So the next time you find yourself in our 1 through 3 common scenarios, don’t turn to crappy stock. Here are three ways soona can save you from stock:

  1. Seasonal Content! Our prop shelves are stocked with all kinds of incredible visual aids to bring your brand a spirited sense of holiday zest. From flat lay photos that bring together the visual aspects of a season together with your products to fun YouTube videos, seasonal content CAN be on-brand.

  2. Topical Flat Lays: It might seem like the entire internet just can’t get enough of the top down visual display of content and information being well-organized. Why would we tire of well-organized items? Impossible. Instead of going for the generic, place your product in the mix and watch your followers grow.

  3. Culturally Relevant and Relatable Gifs: As stories and Gif sharing platforms grow, static images don’t get as much pickup as they used to. Inside soona, we can help you think through fresh and new ways to bring movement to your brand.

Next time you find yourself scrolling through stock content thinking: “Why is that man making that face?” and “How many images are there of that rose gold stapler?!” – Just book a soona visit. We’ll take care of the rest.