the secret to super high-converting content is humans

by | Apr 28, 2021

you heard us right. the ecomm world talks a lot about content. it needs to be high-quality. and the right size. and show your product clearly. 

all true. but if you want it to convert: it should also include humans. 

here’s why:

lifestyle content tells the whole story

you totally want your product to be the main point of the image. but there’s a perfect time and place for different kinds of content to run. 

on product pages: it’s crucial to have photos & videos that show your product head-on + details + from all angles. and then sprinkle in some lifestyle featuring a human touch to tell the full story. in ads: it’s no different. once we know the what: lifestyle content featuring models helps tell how. and ultimately – why they should buy it. 

Google suggests shooting for high-quality photos with organic lighting and shadows. 

✨ the soona fix: create a quick list of all the shots you want to include based on the story you’re telling.

  • the what: a hero shot of your product on color
  • the who: a lifestyle shot featuring a model who represents your target customer
  • the where: a styled shot that brings in outside elements and shows your product in place
  • the how: a lifestyle shot showing your product in action
  • the why: all of these elements combined.

there’s strength in variety

there’s a science to how many photos & videos you run in ads. to get a good idea of which content performs best: Google asks you to give it plenty to work with. 

  • for single image ads: use “the rule of three.” 
  • for carousel ads: include at least 5 pieces of content. 

if your images are all the same – straight-forward product on white – you’re not optimized to win. so get all the goods: your product on white. and color. a styled shoot featuring props. a hand holding your product. then tossing it. a full-body model wearing it. or maybe a dog model cuddling with it. 

responsive ads with multiple images + headlines + descriptions get 10% more conversions. variety wins every time.

humans relate to other humans

there’s little more compelling than seeing others enjoying a product. and customers respond to that by interacting with your ads. in fact: in an internal study of 22,000 ad images done by Google and Creative Works: images with a person drive 4% more clicks than those without. humans add authenticity & relatability to your content. a match made in ad conversion heaven.

so what? 

in the case of product content: showing people only adds to the success. as the ecommerce landscape continues to grow at an insane speed – we’re betting on humans as the key to standing out & seeing clear success in your business.

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