holy sheet! how soona helped a bedding brand grow their Amazon sales 3000%

by | Jun 10, 2019

Amazon is quickly becoming one of the most powerful sales and distribution platforms product companies can leverage to grow their business from backyard to nationwide. this opens up opportunities and huge challenges. first: it opens up an incredible channel for product companies of all sizes.

but it also means that competition is fierce. and standards are high. Amazon has a strict set of photo parameters that brands must abide by to even be considered for any kind of highlighted digital real estate. as our client Sheets and Giggles quickly found out: professional images can make all the difference. and that’s where soona comes in.

a new and emerging product company has to DIY a lot to get their product off the ground. but choosing to pursue professional images for a platform like Amazon can truly be the difference between doing okay and absolutely defining the future of your business.

in the case of Sheets and Giggles: they were just starting to use Amazon as a platform and quickly realized that their existing images were not going to cut it if they wanted to make the eCommerce store one of the primarily sales channels for their business.

Here’s how those sales looked BEFORE soona:

  • March: $2,700

Here’s how those sales looked AFTER soona:

  • April: $34,000

  • May: $91,000

soona was able to deliver on a few key assets for the Sheets and Giggles brand that helped them make this major leap frog.

how does their founder frame soona’s performance? Colin said:

“The core challenge we had was: how do we show our colors in a way that’s unique, stands out, and is on brand, but within Amazon’s very strict guidelines? soona made it happen for us in 3 hours.”

let’s dive into how we did it:

first: we were able to provide them with the baseline product images shot in perfect white-balanced glory. for each of their colorways: the product was styled and shot in an identical fashion so that there was visual consistency between each of the color choices for the end consumer.

second: we were able to meet the quality standards that Amazon was looking for for featured products. by getting their resolution and design up to snuff we were able to position them better for success.

and finally we helped them stand out. the team at Sheets and Giggles had a great idea to show some of their products on a real bed. this was surprisingly not a common quality amongst their competitors on the platform. by using a green screen in our studio they were able to quickly create a variety of bed environments for their store.

this insane growth is just one example of how quality content can move the needle for a brand. it’s not easy to create professional images. but with soona: not only is it easy. it’s fast.

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