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the trick to stand out product photography: gradient backgrounds

by | Sep 7, 2021

your product is always the star of the show in your product photos and videos.  whether it’s a lifestyle image on your social media feed.  the hero image on the landing page of your website.  or the simple and crisp photo in the “add to cart” page.  but your background isn’t something to be ignored!  the background you choose can make a huge difference in the way your prospective customers perceive your product.  

pattern! texture! color! lighting! each of these choices will send a silent message to your customers about your product and brand.  consider what type of gradient will work best for your product: is it something that needs to really stand out in the foreground of your photos?  or is it a product that can work well in the shadows to create a moody effect?  take a few test shots while you brainstorm to make sure your final product photos speak to your brand the way you want them to!

we’re here to introduce you to a brilliant way to elevate your product background: gradient.  gradient backgrounds — when executed properly — pull off a sophisticated and clean background without being too bland.  lucky for you and your brand: there are a handful of ways for every budget and skill level to achieve a great gradient look.

gradient background effect using light

equipment recommendations 

  • sunset lamp 
  • any high quality white backdrop
  • some great props

how to achieve this method

this method is actually the one soona creatives use in the studio!  to see how it turns out: take a look at our trendset “summer gradient”.  we refresh trend sets seasonally but the gradient background remains a client fav.  play with the position of your sunset light: do you want it in front of your product to illuminate the product with the color of your sunset?  or would you like it to be placed behind your product so that it only illuminates the background, making your product pop with your main studio light?  take some test shots to see how you’d like the shadows and colors cast.

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pre-made gradient backdrops

equipment recommendations

how to achieve this look

this one is pretty simple.  there is no light to move around — just a backdrop to place.  make sure your backdrop is placed evenly (unless asymmetry is your thing).  keep in mind with this method that you’ll need to use lights to achieve the same level of moodiness that you can get with the sunset lamp.

gradient effect in post-production editing

equipment recommendations 

  • a plain white backdrop
  • your favorite photo-editing program

👀 psst: here’s some of soona’s favorite photo editing apps for every budget.

how to edit a gradient background

depending on the program you use — this step may be easier or more difficult.  if you’ve never edited a gradient background before: don’t fret!  there are endless tutorials (some built into apps and some on YouTube) for how to achieve effects.  check out this video on how to utilize Adobe products to achieve a gradient background.

gradient backgrounds for inspo

Recess beverages have mastered the multicolor gradient on their IG feed.  they’ve incorporated an ethereal sunset color palette into their brand identity — a genius way to keep the feed cohesive and also communicate the message of “cool, calm, collected”.  their method looks like post-production editing to achieve the surreal magic of their product photos.

Aesop is another brand that utilizes the gradient background to perfectly represent their brand.  notice their IG feed made up of natural materials: backgrounds of concrete. marble. wood. with gradients created using deep and harsh shadows.  this is a great example of playing with lighting to create your desired look. 

WWP Beauty used soona to create moody and dreamy product photography with a gradient background.  the combination of deep purple and electric pink lighting created tons of depth while the products popped in the foreground.

scale your business with professional product photography

if you’re ready to create stand-out product photos with a stunning gradient background: head to soona.co for more inspiration or to book a shoot with our experts!  let us make your content dreams a reality.

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