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6 best ecomm photo editing apps to level up your website

by | Feb 25, 2021

we’re here to help you sort through the countless apps that offer profesh. high-quality. & functional photo editing software. these apps offer anything from tools to remove a stray strand of hair to templates fit for every social media platform. whether you’re searching for a quick and simple app for resizing & touching up – or an app that gives you a full range of advanced photo editing tools: this list will highlight the best option for your brand.

what to consider when choosing a photo editing app


first thing is first. you need to decide: do you want to invest in a photo editing app that offers a monthly plan or would you rather try out free options? the paid photo editing apps below often include more advanced photo editing power. but that doesn’t mean you’ll use those advanced options if you only need a quick retouch. also: many free apps offer in-app purchases or upgraded services. so if you want to start simple – and you find that you enjoy the app you chose – you can always boost your photo editing ability later on with a paid upgrade. the apps we’ll introduce you to below range from free to a monthly subscription of $12.99.


you also need to think about what you actually need the app for. are you more interested in an app that allows you to remove unsightly backgrounds or are you looking for an app that allows you to add text and graphics to your images? our favorite photo editing apps have image editing capabilities better suited for professionals with large quantities of photos while some are better suited for a quick blemish fix and color correction. whatever your niche is: it’s important that you choose the app(s) with a user interface that fits your needs and skillset. you want to make edits that perfectly highlight your product photographs and your brand. choosing a photo editing app that has too many convoluted options when you only need a few is going to bog you down. we want you to find a workflow that benefits your business and lets your product shine.


some programs will give you the ability to quickly and easily edit large batches of photos       using tools like presets or album organization within the program. some will be more time consuming but allow you to build detailed and trendy graphics around your photos. hot tip 🔥 you’re likely going to want to combine some of these capabilities: opt for a mobile app to keep on your phone for a reliable retouching tool at your fingertips — and be sure to make an account with another program that offers templates and collage elements for those brand concepts.

end use platform

most of your customers these days are going to come across your product via social media. your brand identity is going to make an impression on them before the product is in their hands. when you’re searching for the perfect photo editing app: be sure the one you choose is cut out for the social media content you want to generate. many of the apps we love have templates specifically sized for Instagram or Facebook. some even offer the ability to build a brand kit that you can refer back to — consider it a virtual moodboard for your own brand identity. while you’ll definitely want to check out the templates and tutorials for marketing purposes: sometimes all you need is a quick exposure adjustment and resize. and – you guessed it – there’s an app for that.

best free editing apps

now that we’ve covered why good clothing images are important to your business you might be asking yourself: what does that even mean? how do I know if I have good or bad content? it’s pretty easy to spot the difference. poor quality images will be blurry. dark. lacking style. and unpolished. here are a few examples of ideal clothing photography.

Adobe Photoshop Express

not to be confused with Adobe Photoshop — the Express program is a mobile app available on iOS. Windows. and Android. there are numerous resources on the web for Adobe programs — its been a giant in the world of high-quality photo editing software for decades. you can be confident that its glitches + bugs are smoothed out and the user interface will be intuitive. this is a great option if you’re looking for a tool to refine product images quickly and efficiently.

standout features: 

  • the best quick fix tools without a complicated interface
  • included in-app tutorials with step-by-step playbacks


  • allows you to post directly from the app to social media sites
  • one of the most seamless spot healing tools on the market
  • offers the ability to improve image sharpness and quality


  • more basic functionality compared to other options
  • lack of layering capabilities like Photoshop program
  • users are unable to import presets from Photoshop Express to other Adobe programs


Pixlr is a web-based image editor app that has recently developed some major upgrades to compete. just this year they have introduced templates for marketing materials and the ability to save previous work within the program. this photo editor has more capabilities than many other free options — but it might require more advanced knowledge of how to use the tools.

standout features: 

  • extensive free tutorials on YouTube really help with the sharp learning curve
  • combines a classic interface with modern default features


  • convenient and speedy editing for basic tasks
  • resizing and crop features surpass other free options
  • includes a tutorial tab within the user interface 


  • some features can be glitchy
  • overly simplistic filters and tools
  • more advanced skill level required for some tools


Canva has been circulating in viral TikToks lately for all of its free capabilities. this web-based program is a revolution for beginners. while Canva offers a premium paid membership: it is truly a top performer in the free category because users can bring any vision to life without paying for premium. Canva is more like a program for creating brand materials and less of a product image retouching tool. with this program: you’ll upload your own product images into the sidebar & drag and drop as you build your graphic. this means you might need to do color adjustments on your product photos using a different app before bringing them to your Canva dashboard.

standout features: 

  • tons of free ideas to browse for inspo
  • ability to save and download created images without a watermark


  • mobile app for Android and Apple with robust features
  • search tool for elements + magic recommendations
  • professional templates for any social media platform


  • restrictive text boxes within templates
  • tons of awesome graphics are premium-only features
  • no resizing feature within the program

best paid photo editing apps

Adobe Lightroom

it’s hard to beat Adobe in photo editing software. with giants like Illustrator and Photoshop: most professional photographers are well-versed in these programs. Lightroom offers a more seamless workflow for product photography and editing large batches of images. if you’re aiming to edit lighting and exposure without needing to create layers: the Adobe Lightroom mobile app is free! Lightroom is well known for presets: maybe you’ve seen your favorite travel influencer offering preset packages. if you’re looking to take all of your photos and edit them uniformly — this the winner!

standout features: 

  • includes built-in album storage and file management
  • allows you to build or purchase presets for easy image editing


  • amazing for large batch editing
  • simple and easy user interface 
  • fast syncing of editing steps


  • no layering or blending modes
  • limited image manipulation like text or graphics
  • can’t be purchased alone: only in a package with Photoshop

price: $9.99/month


PicMonkey is a web-based program that competes really well with programs like Canva. the “brand kit” it offers – which allows colors. fonts. and templates to be saved to make building cohesive brand content simple – makes it an amazing option for those wanting more creative freedom.

standout features: 

  • includes millions of stock photos for use
  • specifically caters to users wanting to build brand content


  • modern and eye-catching templates for various social media platforms
  • vector-based graphics for ultimate creative freedom
  • awesome selection of trending fonts for any style


  • multiple levels of membership means access to all tools can be steep 
  • difficulty with large files and photos
  • the mobile app is more restrictive than the web-based version

price: $7.99 – $12.99/month


Fotor offers mobile apps for Apple and Android as well as programs for Windows and  Mac. it does offer some free features on a web browser – but you’ll want to invest in the premium program to enjoy the best features of this app.

standout features: 

  • an easy yet realistic “beautification” tool
  • a great app for beginners


  • simple and quick fixes
  • intuitive user interface 
  • great option for creating social media templates


  • not as complex editing tools as other paid options
  • slightly restrictive design capabilities
  • lacks tutorials for tools

price: $8.99/month

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