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$39 pro photos


From product photography to headshots to team photos and insta-worthy product images - nearly ANY kind of professional photo you need for your business is appropros for the soona experience. And the best part? Your photos are always delivered in 24 hours.


Photo Add-Ons

Add Pro-Edit: $9 per photo
skin touchups, masking products, or custom looks

Add a Watermark: $9 per photo
protect your images from other online use

Combine photos into looping Gif: $9 per gif
turn 3 or more images into a looping gif

Buy the RAW: $9 per photo
uncompressed version of your file. bundles also available

Custom Quotes:
don’t see what you need? custom quotes available upon request

$93 pro videos


At soona, you are the director. Our crew, our gear and our resources are all yours. All you have to do is call action. The results? Cinematic quality content that you can download and edit yourself in 24 hours. Better yet, hire our crew to edit for you.


Video Add-Ons

Add Pro-Edit: $99 per video
complete your video experience by combining all your clips

Create a Stop Motion: $99 per video
want a stop motion booking? simply add it to your video booking.

Add Music: $49 per song
choose from a range of musical choices

Add Graphics: $49 per graphic
add your logo, instructions for your viewer or more

Add Text: $49 per video
add your name, bulleted lists or more information!

Turn Your Video Into a Gif: $9 per video
less than 15 seconds? gif it up!