Why Visual Planning for Your Instagram Feed Matters

by | May 4, 2021

pulling up your fav photos or gathering props for your next shoot is a blast. it’s that burst of creative energy as you imagine the role each piece of content plays. the story it tells.   

but turning those tantalizing photos and videos into a cohesive Instagram grid is tricky. photo editing programs work great for tweaking your content. not so much for previewing your 9-post layout.

plus: it’s tough to find a scheduling tool that plays nice with Instagram AND lets you visualize your grid before you schedule.

break through these hurdles and you can deliver the best first impression every single time. get Instagrammers excited to explore your feed. click follow. and immerse themselves in your dreamy content.

the importance of visual planning

so why take the time to visually plan your feed? in short: it works! there’s a reason why the top brands have picture-perfect grids. use the same filters. and in general: keep their photos set to a specific theme. 

people are drawn to beautiful grids that offer different takes yet stick with a similar color pattern. theme. or filter. 

but it isn’t only Instagrammers that’ll appreciate your planning. it also has advantages for you. your team. and your brand.

it benefits your brand

people flock to your brand because of your unique style and value. but if you want to position yourself as an influencer or compete on a larger level – you need to up your game. 

one way to do that is by keeping your feed consistent with a regular posting schedule and a visually organized grid. 

visual planning can skyrocket 🚀 your Instagram performance because:

  •     a unique look boosts brand awareness
  •     your planned content drives engagement
  •     a consistent approach highlights your professionalism

it makes work fun

ok – so not everyone loves planning and organizing things. your fav part of the creative process might be picking out sweet props or finding the right spot to get that perfect shot. 

that’s the great part about visual planning for Instagram. it’s actually fun! you’re working with your beautiful images and videos. moving them around on your grid to find the best possible layout. 

it’s like building a collage for grown-ups. and you can do it as a team.

it delights your fans

people may say they’re spontaneous. but that doesn’t mean they want that in a brand. knowing what to expect can bring people back to your business page. 

that’s why doing things like weekly giveaways. going live on the same day every month. or sending a newsletter every Friday gets more attention than sporadic posts. 

fans start to depend on your content. it brightens a gloomy morning. helps them find an outfit for a wedding. or even encourages them to try a new product. 

and it’s even better when Instagrammers head to your page and discover an enticing layout. 

when you add ✔️ captions. ✔️ stickers. ✔️ interactive elements. new fans want to tap and comment on every photo!

how to make visual planning fun

how can you get away from the boring side of planning and jump into the fun? don’t worry. you don’t need to completely change your workflow or work style. 

instead – use the right tools. get inspired. create content. and drag and drop it into your planner. 

we break down the how and why below.

pick your fave elements

take a look at your camera roll. compare it to your brand colors. and think about your favorite things to snap pictures of. you can do what you ❤️ – just keep it consistent. 

the three big areas to get down are:

  •     color palette: two colors? three? use color wheels. palette generators. or inspiration from your content to guide the main colors for your grid.
  •     content types: selfies? portraits? products? consider what you share the most and how to tie your favorite elements together in images.
  •     pattern or filter: using the same filter on content adds visual appeal to your grid and even connects graphics that are different from your regular posts. 

staying consistent doesn’t mean drab. 

even if your feed shows off your pink and gray brand. you can add that pop of red in the background occasionally – pull it into other photos with a red text graphic overlay. 

create the best content

now you know how you’ll keep your grid consistent. so it’s time to get into creative mode. 

🔥 photos. sizzling captions. interactive elements like stickers. and a content mix designed to grab attention and increase engagement. 

cruise soona’s inspo page. check out brands you love. peek at your mood board or swap file. and come up with fresh ways to show off your products. 

but what about those weeks when you’re out of time? can’t squeeze in a photoshoot or mother nature sends a cascade of rain ☔️ days before your whimsical fun in the sun session? 

soona makes it easy. book your shoot. send your props & products to soona. then join your live shoot from literally anywhere. 

jump online. chat with the soona crew. 🎬and see your shotlist come to life in real-time as you brand new content appears in your dashboard. 

once you add your photos and video clips to your bag. brainstorm the elements that’ll get more eyes on your graphics: captions. hashtags. stickers. 

now it’s time to turn your content pieces into a beautiful Instagram grid that instantly delivers a stand-out first impression.

Build Your Instagram Grid 

building the best first impression isn’t as complicated as it sounds! use an Instagram grid planner to visualize your page. 

move your content around with Tailwind’s 9-grid preview tool. there’s nothing to click. just drag and drop photos until your grid is picture-perfect!  

once you’ve designed your best first impression you can:

  •     pick the best time to share your content using SmartSchedule
  •     find hashtags your fans search for daily 
  •     ditch the extra work by automatically putting your post’s hashtags in the first comment
  •     tag your location or users to help people find your posts

best of all – once you’ve set up your grid – you can schedule everything. Tailwind posts your videos and photos to your Instagram feed for you! giving you more time to comment and hang out with your followers.

visual planning: impress without the stress

tell your story on Instagram and get your fans involved using the right mix of content and a visual planner. with a bit of inspo and the right tools. you can attract new followers and keep fans coming back again and again. 🥰

feel smarter already?

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