current trends we <3 love on instagram

by | Aug 12, 2019

Here at soona, we are obsessed with content and trends and social and everything in between. As digital makers, we are constantly exploring ways to push our skills and creativity. Whether it’s a new lighting technique, a fresh new color block or radical way to express a thought. We are ALL about it.

Our goal is produce content that is fresh, visually appealing, thought-provoking and authentic. That way, our clients get likes — and likes convert to action. To us, action means SUPER CART-HAPPY HUMANS!

Here are 5 current trends we are seeing clients use to motivate clicks to cart:

1. subtle movement

For the longest time, the trend for video was 30 seconds or less. Now we are seeing “cinemagraph” style videos taking over. For example – we love this post from Birdies. The slight movement of the dress is mesmerizing to watch. A sunny, breezy, beautiful day in cute shoes? Yes please.


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Feeling flirty in fringe this Friyay!💃

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2. floral shadows

Bold, angled shadows are our jam here at soona, but our new love is experimenting with floral shadows. Check out this post we produced for Teadora. We accomplished this moment by holding a palm branch in front of a light and snapping the pic. We’ve been seeing brands using all types of florals for shadow play and we are not mad about it.

3. shadow motion

Speaking of shadows, another trend we are lusting over is moving shadows in videos. They are unique, bold and eye-catching. It adds an extra something to the shot and makes you stop and pause. Check out this unique post from Daily Harvest.

4. the “did they just post that” post?

The feminist movement is alive and thriving on social. Brands are posting content that is real, honest, and a bit vulnerable too. More and more we are seeing brands push the envelope. We love this post from Billie. Yes it is raw, but it is authentic to the brand. Not only do we love the image but we also love the messaging and purpose behind it. It’s only a matter of time before we are allowed to post nipples. Seriously. Free the nip.


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Why isn’t pubic hair public hair? 🤷‍♀️

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5. fan love reposts

This trend we are seeing more and more of lately. Brands reposting fan tweets, questions, shout outs and love. It’s authentic way to highlight your fans, show appreciation and promote brand loyalty. We are big fans of Soulcycle and this post from was a soona favorite.


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😈Demons, be gone.😈 Good vibes only from here.😎

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If you are wanting to experiment and try out any of these trends for your brand – reach and and book with us! We would be thrilled to make your dreams a reality.