we found the perfect e-commerce content equation

by | Jan 13, 2020

your customers are all asking the same questions:

what does this product look like from the side? the top? how does it look on a body? on a hand? how does it glisten or shine? how does the zipper work? how does the material move?

they need the full picture, the full story, the full experience. one picture of your product on a white background just doesn’t cut it anymore.

5 images + 1 video = ✨ a complete product story✨

here is an example shot list for a successful ecomm page:

+ full product wide front
+ full product wide back or side
+ product top view
+ product in-use
+ product close up
+10-second video clip of product in use

not sure where to start? work with soona team member to build your next shot list.
we’ll evolve your store listings.