spring trend sets have arrived!

by | Mar 11, 2021

we’re so excited to announce our SPRING TREND SETS HAVE ARRIVED!

soona is at it again with our one shoot = a brand spankin’ new library of seasonal content. this time: we’re serving you a full bouquet of beauty. freshness. & fun. 

from florals. to turf. to water. to deserts. we’ve got it all in our 2021 spring trend set. 👇👇 check them out! 👇👇

bursting blooms

scene of your product on a platform surrounded by handcrafted blooms on a sky blue backdrop.


straight-on shot of your product on a bed of sand against a backdrop of lil desert plants.


your product on a cream backdrop styled with colorful loops + white platform.


your product is the star of this photo with a background of a modern bathroom scene on a marble countertop.


straight on shot of your product in front of a luxe velvet curtain that moves behind it. 


straight-on shot of your product on a faux grass surface against a blue backdrop with a palm branch.

Dried botanicals

close up shot of your products styled with white pampas against a beige backdrop.

remember: you can choose any many scenes as you want! you can pick up to 6 scenes for a standard booking. all 8 scenes will require extra shoot time.

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