extra budget to spend? create a content stash!

by | Dec 18, 2020

we know how it is: you have a chunk of budget left for the year and are trying to find useful ways to spend it so it doesn’t go to waste. we get it. here’s our favorite ways to spend that cash for a new content stash. 💰

💻 new ecomm images 💻

say goodbye to boring pics! update your ecomm images with our new soona trend set. we’ve carefully designed six beautiful scenes you can transform to fit your brand and make your ecomm content stand. out. from. the. crowd. 

🎥 product-in-use videos 🎥

if a product-in-use video is missing from your content starting lineup now is the time to add it in! show off every angle. feature. and use with the help of one of soona’s hand models.

🛑 stop-motion social videos 🛑

stop those scrollin’ thumbs with a stunning stop-motion social video. you can highlight your favorite product feature. product use. or ingredient in these quick eye-catching promos.

💿 ecomm product spin💿

want to show off your product in a different way? we love a 360 ecomm spin. especially for single-purpose products like beverages. plants. or candles. and to show off that beautiful packaging you worked so hard to design.

want to see what you can get for your budget before booking? get a photoshoot estimate with our budget calculator! 

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