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everything you need to know about discovery shoots

by | Aug 19, 2021

soona is the content creation platform you have to see to believe. that’s why we’ve created a new way for you to experience the magic of a soona shoot before you even book: the discovery shoot. 

here’s everything you need to know to get an inside look. 👇

📍you’ll start on the discovery shoot page. 

when you book with soona: it’s choose-your-adventure IRL. so this is your chance to peek behind the scenes before you book. 

during your discovery shoot you’ll get an inside look at:

  • choosing your shoot type  
  • building a shot list
  • adding pro services
  • booking your shoot
  • chatting with the crew during a shoot
  • picking faves
  • adding to your bag
  • securing the goodies
  • + having fun with soona
joining your shoot through shopify

from here: you can book feeling confident you can slay your #contentgoals. simply book + ship us your product. you’re ready to create.

what do you want to do next? 

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