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by | Nov 11, 2020

putting together the ultimate gift guide to your store can feel like a lot. we’re here to let you in on a little secret: it’s all about organizing. creating various categories of your products is all a gift guide is so don’t overthink it! you’ve got the goods and it’s time to share them.

here are our tips for making the best gift guide ever:

the category is 


creating categories of your products is the backbone of your gift guide. you probably already have a good idea of how to do this. if not that’s ok! here are some interesting ways to think about your products: 

  • what do people often buy together? 
  • what products compliment each other? 
  • what products do you have that are similar? 
  • what kind of customers do you have and what products do they buy?
  • what are the different price points your products fall under ($50. $100. $200)?
  • what rooms can your different products be used in? 

 there are a million ways to slice-and-dice your stuff so don’t be afraid to get creative!

spotlight your bestsellers

show off your best selling products by making it a group of its own. when someone isn’t quite sure the exact place to start they often start with bestsellers. think of your bestsellers section as a sort of customer-approved section. by telling your prospective customers what products everyone else loves you remove some of the feeling of risk. you’re telling them: here’s what most people love so you will too.

lead with your best look

as you create your groups and figure out your bestsellers do an inventory of your content. do you have product images that really show off all the details and major selling points of your product? what about a how-to video or showing your video in-use? there’s a lot of value in showing your products in motion. according to Big Commerce: utilizing video can provide an increase in conversion rate with 62% of consumers saying they watch product reviews before purchasing.

bundle up

it’s all about value when it comes to holiday shopping: people want more for less. consider creating holiday product bundles that combine related items for a slightly discounted price. this is a great way to introduce customers to new products they may not have originally thought to buy. 

the last step to create the perfect gift guide is to make sure your photos and videos are top-notch. if you’re telling your customers you have the best gifts for them to give loved ones your content should reinforce that message by showing just how amazing your product is. 

not sure where to start when it comes to holiday content? check out our holiday content checklist! then book a shoot with soona so we can help you create the content you need!

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