client crush Q&A: Arrive Outdoors and their first soona Anytime experience

by | Sep 30, 2019

Denver and Minneapolis may be home to soona’s two studios, but that doesn’t mean our clients need to be based there. With soona Anytime, clients can ship their product from ANYWHERE in the U.S. to one of our studios to create fast-casual content.

The Anytime steps are simple. You book. We snap. You shop. We deliver. (All within 24 hours.) Sayonara stock photo and video!

Arrive Outdoors holds a special place in our heart because they were one of our first Anytime clients to test the experience before it officially launched! They take the hassle out of planning for a camping trip by delivering all your camping supplies to your door or destination. SUPER convenient.

Arrive Outdoors sought out soona to create five stop motions—some were informative to showcase their delivery process, while others were more fun to highlight the types of camping gear they ship. After their shoot, we reached out to their CEO and co-founder, Rachelle Snyder, to find out more about their first soona experience.


1.     What content creation needs led you to seek out soona?

We were looking for quick video production that we could use on our social media and website.

 2.     What was it like working with the soona staff?

 The soona staff exceeded expectations. We were so impressed by how organized and accommodating they were throughout the process. We highly recommend working with soona.

3.     What content did you receive from your soona session?

soona created five stop motion videos that turned out great! The videos featured products that we rent and demonstrated how the gear is set up.

4.      What was it like working remotely with soona staff?

Working with soona staff remotely was a breeze. We were able to ship product directly to their office and work together beforehand to plan out the shoot. I felt like we were able to develop a common vision which made the shoot a success.

5.     Where did you use your content/plan to use your content?

We used our content on social media and our website. We will also include the content in email marketing as well.

6.     Did the content make an impact on your business? If so, how?

Yes! One video, in particular, has been very powerful – the unboxing video. This is an easy way to show customers and partners what they can expect when they rent with Arrive.

7.     Will we see you soona? 😉

Yes! We plan to use soona again with additional projects.

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