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by | Mar 11, 2021

since the dawn of time: human beings have been making up ways to mark it. I’d like to think our current system works pretty well (apart from the occasional complaint about weekends being too short). monday: the day it all begins. friday: the day it all ends. saturdays and sundays: sacred days in my book. add in the holidays. the birthdays. & the anniversaries and you’ve got a full calendar. 

these events make it possible for us to contextualize our lives and to “see” time passing. holidays are our reminders to pause our busy lives and connect with one another. but they can also help your business.

here are 3 reasons why you should use holidays to your content-creation advantage:

holidays encourage people to buy. 

I challenge you to think of a holiday that doesn’t involve at least one purchase. whether it’s Valentine’s Day (chocolates). Mother’s Day (flowers). the Fourth of July (barbeque). or even St. Patrick’s day (beer): people are duty-bound to make holiday-inspired purchases. 

this is great news for your company. on any given holiday: customers spend hours (maybe days) trying to answer the fundamental questions: what gift should I get? what will we eat? how should I decorate? what will I wear? 

your business’ job is to answer those questions before they’re even asked. start theming your content around an upcoming holiday days or weeks in advance. your sales will get an easy boost.

holidays remind us to think of others. 

creating community around your business is important. but creating a community of your customers is even better. if you’re able to give yourself a reason to share your brand with a friend / a colleague / someone in your family – you stand the chance of gaining another customer.

let’s say your customer is scrolling through Instagram looking for something for a last-minute Mother’s Day gift. your content shows up on her feed—an eye-catching flat lay of chocolates / jewelry / flowers. she shares the link with her brother and BOOM. two new customers.

holidays make content creation easier. 

instead of constantly tapping into your well of creativity (which can sometimes run dry) – borrow from something that works: holiday-themed promotions. if you’re out of ideas: use the free ones that St. Patrick’s Day. Mother’s Day. & Easter will offer us in the coming months.

I’ll let you in on a secret: your “holiday” doesn’t need to be on the calendar. use superbowl sunday / talk-like-a-pirate day / or national ice cream day (that’s July 18, people – mark your calendars).

take my advice: harness the power of holidays. it’ll save you plenty of time and creative energy with the added bonus of boosting your business’ visibility and sales.

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