3 ways to maximize 4th of July sales using content

by | Jun 11, 2021

while the last couple of years have looked quite a bit different: 4th of July is consistently a  hugely successful holiday for retail in the otherwise slow summer months. and online shopping is still skyrocketing. this combo means one thing: you need to position yourself for a 4th of July ecomm boom. 

here are some things you can do to win this season:

start your promos early

and by early we mean now! we’re just a few weeks out from the 4th of July so it’s the right time to make sure you have content on-hand for your promos. but another thing to consider is Amazon Prime Day. this year’s Prime Day is happening right before the 4th of July holiday and will somewhat affect how customers spend. the earlier you can start running promos across your channels: the better positioned you’ll be to see short and long-term returns over the next few weeks.

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make the most of your hero image 

it’s the first thing a customer sees and the best place to highlight your current promos. if you’re leaning into the 4th of July: make your store scream it. use this space to showcase a themed group shot of your products.

mix up your social content 

you’ll want to cover your socials in themed content as well. add variety to your socials using different types of content: straight-on product photos + lifestyle + flatlays. then level up even more by adding in video clips & gifs as well.

💡 lean into the theme across all of your channels! to really drive your 4th of July promos home: make sure all of your channels are telling the same story. 

creating content that reflects the theme is a huge piece of the puzzle for holidays like the 4th of July. if you haven’t begun creating yet: consider this your sign! book your shoot now to get your full 4th of July content library.

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