3 questions to answer before your store launch

by | Mar 18, 2020

you’re almost there! launching your e-comm store is big step. check these 3 boxes and make sure your content strategy is in a strong place before pressing “publish!”

do you have content that speaks to each step in the customer journey?

customers at every stage of the funnel will land at your store. we recommend thinking through each stage of your customer journey and ensure you have content for each piece. for those that are completely new to your brand: provide content that helps them “get it” in a few seconds. your hero shots should be clear and only include your product. opt for scene storytelling and props for your supplementary content.


for your customers further down the funnel. create content that shows off your product features.


+ a 360-degree spin.

+ product-in-use photos. a demo or a tutorial video.

+ lifestyle photos that show how your product can fit into their lives.

is your content cohesive?

we’re talking about two things here: your product photos and content across your channels.

your store should have a cohesive collection of content — from home page imagery to product photos. when your customer is browsing your site, the experience should be consistent. make sure you have a consistent look and feel on every page. color temperature is an element we recommend spending time reviewing.

your content across channels should be consistent: advertising. social content. email. landing pages. you don’t have to be matchy-matchy. each channel has its own strategy and purpose. but content should be cohesive across all touch points.

cohesive content makes for a better customer experience. and more connection with your brand.

read more here about how to add consistency to your content. 

are your photos & videos optimized?

let’s get technical. 🤸‍♀️ it’s important that your photos are optimized for web to ensure fast loading times. our partners at Shopify have amazingly helpful content in this area. we recommend checking with your e-comm provider and optimizing all imagery to their recommendations. for example, Shopify recommends 2048 x 2048 pixels for square product photos to keep a high-resolution and zoom capabilities.

if pixels and dimensions aren’t your thing. you can rely on your soona crew to deliver content that’s optimized and ready to get you clicks.

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