3 content strategies to try (and how to execute them!) this holiday season

by | Sep 30, 2020

every marketer has been faced with the same set of questions: is this content working? how can I improve the odds of this content working? what do I try next if this content isn’t working? these are questions you can’t afford to wait to answer as we rapidly approach the holidays. 

soona’s CEO and co-founder Liz Giorgi breaks down the 3 strategies you should consider when creating your holiday content:

the importance of movement.

did you know Facebook recently released a study stating ads with minor or subtle movement saw a 17% increase in conversions? that’s a BIG lift! by adding subtle movement you can capture the eyes and attention of your potential customers in a way that static images and videos haven’t in the past.

consider 3 simple ways to add minor movement to your content: 

first: 1 + 2 changes or 1 + 2 scene changes. this means having your products sitting in one position and then switching to another position that loops repeatedly. 

second: environmental movement is another easy way to add subtle changes. Instead of changing the positioning of the product you would change something about the environment your product is sitting in. for example you’d keep your product still while adding layers of ingredients around your product.

third: this one is a favorite at soona! adding movement to your content with a slow 360 spin of your product is a great way to not only get your customers attention but it helps them get fully involved with your product. they get the full view and context of your product and what you’re offering.

the importance of sound.

have you ever tried to listen to a video that has extraneous background noise or was impossible to hear the person speaking? it’s a big turn off and is a quick way to get your customers to disengage from your content and maybe even your brand. according to vidIQ – a YouTube-certified tool – users are more likely to stop watching a video because of poor sound quality than poor video quality. 

here are 3 ways to improve your sound quality when a big fancy sound booth isn’t in the budget:

first: use earbuds when recording voice over audio. earbuds are better equipped (rather than relying on your computer) to pick up your voice for two reasons: one is the microphone is closer to your mouth so the sound is picked up is louder and more clear. the other reason is they are designed to filter out background noise which keeps your sound and voice quality crisp.

second: use an exterior microphone. using a nicer-than-your-headphones microphone is another way to ensure you’re getting a clean & crisp recording. There are great quality microphones that can easily plug into your laptop that won’t cost a fortune. we recommend this one for $45.99 on Amazon.

third: adding soft surfaces around your recording environment helps reduce reverberation and improves sound quality. reverberation happens when some of the sound waves of your voice go directly into the microphone while some bounces around the room before making it back to your microphone. the best way to mitigate this from happening is by surrounding yourself with towels, blankets, pillows or inexpensive egg crate foam that will absorb the sound. 

the importance of humanity.


having a human feel has always been important when it comes to your marketing content but now more than ever it is a must. now is the time – when human connection is sparse and lacking – to humanize your brand and create a real connection with your current and potential customers. influencer marketing platform rewardStyle stated in a recent talk they had a 10% conversion rate last year which proves influencer marketing works & humans want information from other humans. 

so what are some easy ways to add a human touch to your content?

first: add a model or hand model or pet model to your content. it’s amazing how adding a simple hand holding your product or a pet interacting with your product can change the dynamics and feel of your content. there’s nothing better than seeing a product in action.

second: behind-the-scenes videos that show people using and interacting with your product are even better! showing real customers using your product or giving testimonials of how your product changed their life can have a huge impact. 

third: bring your business people into your business conversation. this can seem scary at first but giving a face to your brand – especially as a founder – is a great way to bring humanity to your brand while building trust and loyalty.  

any of these 3 strategies are great to test as you prepare your campaigns for Black Friday. if you’re ready for holiday content: book a soona shoot now! use code blackfriday after your shoot during checkout to get 1 photo or video free!

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