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get everything you need for Amazon. Shopify. or Instagram
in one. single. photo shoot.

Shopify pack | $260

everything you need to launch your product on Shopify in one shoot. make your store stand out with a perfectly curated product listing. recommended for 1 product.

includes 5 photos and 1 GIF:

1. product on white – main/hero image
2. product details on white (angle 1)
3. product details on white (close-up)
4. product with prop – lifestyle or packaging
5. product with prop – lifestyle- or inside packaging
6. product in action – how it works – or playful GIF

    Amazon pack | $259

    we’ve got you covered with product on white and lifestyle shots that sell. make sure your product images are always bringing their A-game with this Amazon pack. recommended for 1 product.

    includes 4 product on white photos and 3 lifestyle photos:

    1. product on white backdrop (main/hero image)
    2. product on white backdrop (angle 1)
    3. product on white backdrop (angle 2)
    4. product on white backdrop (angle 3)
    5. product in action/lifestyle shot (option 1)
    6. product in action/lifestyle shot (option 2)
    7. product in action/lifestyle shot (option 3)
    + pure white backdrop editing

        Instagram pack | $482

        kick your Instagram up a notch (or 9) with a perfectly planned layout. colorful photos. patterns. plenty of props. and movement to bring it to life. recommended for 1-3 products.

        includes 7 photos and 2 GIFs:

        1. product on colorful backdrop (angle 1)
        2. product on colorful backdrop (angle 2)
        3. product on colorful backdrop (angle 3)
        4. product in pattern
        5. product group shot (option 1)
        6. product group shot (option 2)
        7. product + hand model shot
        8. product in action GIF
        9. product with prop GIF
        + hand model
        + pattern editing

        make your brand a thirst trap

        being successful is so sweet