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why you shouldn’t skip Halloween content + marketing

by | Sep 23, 2020

often when the end of September rolls around marketers are so focused on end-of-year holiday campaigns that the first holiday of the season is forgotten about. but we’re here to say that Halloween and Halloween-themed content is a great way to kick off your holiday marketing season! 

there are 3 important reasons why you shouldn’t bypass Halloween as a marketing tool for your company:

get a head start on holiday + end-of-year sales.

there’s no reason to wait until Black Friday to start pushing holiday content. in fact it’s kind of crazy marketers put so much weight on such a small time frame! when you include Halloween into your campaign plans you’re giving yourself the gift of extra time. depending on how you plan it out you could actually add an entire extra month to start drumming up sales.

according to The Shelf $9 billion (billion… with a “B”) was spent on Halloween in 2018. the trend of money spent during this time of year has reached $7 billion or more since 2015. that’s a lot of money that you could be taking a slice of before Black Friday or holiday ads are even fully assembled.

take a break from your regular programming.

grab your current and potential customers’ attention with a changeup in your normal content. people are becoming conditioned to recognizing ads without fully stopping on the post so what’s an easy way to get their thumbs to take a break from swiping? add a spooky element! creating creepy content doesn’t mean you have to depart from your normal brand aesthetic. there’s plenty of unique ways to make your content comfortably straddle your brand identity and your brand guidelines – you want to make Halloween fit your brand; not make your brand fit Halloween. it can be as easy as adding spiderwebs or spooky hands to your next soona shoot.

get creative and test. test. test.

one of the things we love most about Halloween content & marketing is there are no limits to how creative. unique. and weird you can get! the weirder the better. if you have copy or strategy ideas you’ve been wanting to test out Halloween is the perfect time. it’s low stakes compared to traditional holiday campaigns but can still yield great results. 

this is a great time to get creative on social media. especially if you’ve been wanting to test using Pinterest or Instagram or any other photo or video-forward platform. Pinterest estimated 227 million searches and 933 million Halloween & fall-related pins saved each year. Pinterest also shares the most searched terms in their seasonal insight reports to help you plan how to get your brand in front of more eyes this time of year. check out their 2019 season insights here

Pinterest says Halloween & fall pins are in peak season from June – October so you still have plenty of time to create something spooktacular this season! book your next soona shoot now.

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