what’s new with ecomm content?

by | Mar 25, 2020

one of the biggest shifts in ecomm content is that customers want to see more content and take deeper dives. more content means more of your time. until now.

the future of content creation from your desk is here with soona for Shopify.

at soona we recommend creating content for each part of your customer journey. whether someone is scrolling your site for the first time or if they’re returning ready to purchase, ideally you have content for all of them.

but where do you begin?

elevate your product photos

we say start from the top with your product photography. especially your main image. the hero photo is the most important asset on your product pages. it’s important to keep the look and feel of your product photos consistent.

when was the last time you refreshed your imagery? get high-quality product shots how you want them in a day with soona.

create a content mix

after your product photos are locked in, what’s the content mix that will help your customers fall in love with your product? give your customers a reason to deep dive on your page.

we recommend a combination of photo and video. a 360 spin shows it from every angle. a demo video or GIF can answer your customer’s most common questions. lifestyle photos give your product a realistic time and place.

so here’s a start

think through your customers FAQs. how could a video answer some of these common questions?

at soona, we hope to bring you ecomm photos & videos in the easiest (and most fun!) way. with soona for Shopify, it’s possible to get high-quality ecomm content while you’re working from home. get your edited content in 24 hours and upload to your store with a click.

Shopify store owners can now get product photo and video content while they work from home. That’s what’s new in ecomm content.

all eyes are on ecomm right now.
let’s get your store some upgraded photo & video.