give understated content a punch of power

by | Mar 26, 2021

i’ll bet you can name at least three brands that are totally unsubtle.

i’m talking about the businesses that knock you over with a constant slew of generic content / the companies that hurl 20%-, 30%-, 50%-off deals at customers in daily emails / the brands that seem to sponsor every influencer on Instagram. these companies want you to buy from them and they want it now.

but authenticity matters in today’s internet culture. loud + ceaseless content turns today’s customers off. nonstop advertising makes them feel like they’re being hit over the head instead of being asked to be a part of something.

it’s no wonder your brand wants to use a more authentic and understated approach to content—while remaining impactful. here are 3 easy changes you can make to your brand’s advertising strategy:

tell longer + more cohesive stories

like exclusive behind-the-scenes clips from your favorite Netflix show: long-form narratives invite your customers to be part of your brand’s story. they can give you countless opportunities to be innovative with content—and even enable you to feature key members of your team.

think start-to-finish. share the ideas you had in the early days that ultimately became your product—sketches / notes / preliminary models. which designer made crucial choices? where did you source a particular ingredient or component? 

giving your customers a peek behind the curtain is a crucial step in building a community around your brand. these key details don’t feel like prompts to purchase. they feel like an invitation to be part of the dialogue around a product or company.

avoid using obvious influencers

marketing departments rely heavily on influencers. it’s getting tired. an influencer’s follower count isn’t always an indicator of their sway among consumers. in truth: most people won’t be easily persuaded to make a purchase by a stranger. we’re much more likely to be influenced by someone we do know. 

take advantage of this little psychology fact by tapping into networks of referrals from your customers. ask your customers to review your products—then share that content across social media. put their recommendations on blast.

focus on the long game

your customer may not purchase today. they may purchase a week from now / a month from now / or a year from now. i’ve followed many brands for years before I’ve purchased something from them. playing the long game means being willing to share the same types of content again and again without fear

good news: you are allowed to repeat your best content!

don’t be a one-and-done poster. you have a piece of content that really resonates with your consumers? don’t be afraid to post it once every six months. after all: new people are constantly discovering your brand.

there are countless ways to be understated but impactful with your content + these 3 are a great place to start. i wish you the best as you move your brand from being one of the loud ones on the internet to being one of the effective ones.

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