soona says: a peek into the future of content

by | Jul 9, 2021

at soona: we keep our finger on the pulse of the ecomm content industry. we took a look into the future of content. here’s a peek into what we saw.

🌀 360 photos are 100% necessary. 

it’s simple. but if done right: it can be modern. meaningful. and just plain necessary.

👑 video content is queen.

digital video is taking over as one of the main ways people are consuming media. tap in and see your sales skyrocket.

📚 social stories are being seen & heard.

a few solid slides + a good ol’ swipe up link. about 500 million users are engaging with IG + Facebook stories every day. and businesses are getting about a third of those views. lean in.

🧍putting humans in content is key.

not only do people love to see models who look like themselves and people they know – it helps them believe in the brand. keep your brand inclusive.

🌟 originality sells.

 consumers have never been quite as aware as they are today. when creating content: it’s super important that the truth of your brand is fully represented.

🛍 shoppable content is here to stay.

with Instagram making it increasingly easy to turn scrollers into shoppers: it’s becoming more important to have engaging + clear product photos for you to tag your product links.

we’re betting on these trends and more this quarter. 

👇take a deeper look into the future of content with soona. 👇

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