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soona vs. Splento: your 2022 comparison guide

by | Dec 27, 2021

the world of remote photography and videography services is exciting and fast-growing.  professional creatives are just a click away with companies like soona and Splento.  but which one is right for your e-commerce website. business. or portfolio?  we’re breaking down the similarities and differences between two solid companies to better inform your decision!

who and what is Splento? 

Splento is a London-based photography company that connects a network of photographers and studio creatives around the world.

headquartered in London; Splento shoots are done virtually and in cities near you.

when you book with Splento: you are choosing a photographer in your area who is independently contracted through Splento.  that photographer then conducts your virtual photoshoot and Splento delivers your photos to you once they are edited.  because their network includes photographers of many different styles and locations: you can hire Splento for e-commerce product photography as well as event photography. broadcast videography. drone shots. online streaming. etc.  if it involves a camera: Splento connects you with someone who provides a professional service in that arena.

their primary services 

  • event videography
  • retouching
  • aerial filming

who and what is soona? 

soona is a product photography studio providing fast. casual. content that allows you to interact with your photographers in real-time during your virtual photoshoot.

soona has studios in Austin. Denver. and Minneapolis.  soona offers services to brands and clients worldwide.

soona is a company which employs creative experts: stylists. models. and of course photographers.  when you book a shoot with soona. you are not booking through a middle-man to hire an independently contracted professional. you’re working with a team of soona folks who provide the same quality of service and product every. single. time.


our primary services 

  • e-commerce content
  • social media content
  • headshots
  • lifestyle photos
  • product GIFs and videos
  • body. hand. and pet models.

heard enough?

launch your store. create stunning ads. grow your business. you’re just a few clicks away.

soona vs Splento: how are they different 

service comparison 

while Splento is a company that contracts professionals in your area and connects you with them; soona is a collective of professionals that work FOR soona.  for example: when you book a photoshoot with Splento — you will then have variables like when where and what to work out with the photographer you chose. 

when you book with soona: you send your products to a studio and schedule a virtual meeting so you can be present at the shoot as it is happening at one of the soona locations.

Splento connects you to photographers of all different specialties: events. drone shots. live streaming. while soona specializes in e-commerce product photography.  when you book with soona: you don’t have to sort through photographers’ portfolios.  soona photographers are experts at creating amazing content for your brand and you’ll get a consistent level of knowledge and skill from every soona photographer.

Splento’s pricing structure is hourly for shoots with add-ons optional after that.  at soona: whether you book an hour-long shoot or a four-hour long shoot: you only pay for the photos. GIFs. and videos you want.  soona also has an “a la carte” style menu for adding a stylist. model. or trend set to your shoot.

which photography company should you use? 

if you have a strong vision for exactly the type of photos you want and you’d like to look through the portfolios of photographers to pick one you vibe with: Splento might be a great option for you. because they contract photographers will various styles and experiences: you’re able to find one that aligns with what you want and pay that photographer by the hour. 

this structure works well for someone planning a wedding and looking for a certain vibe from their videographer. or maybe you have a band and you want your live performance live-streamed on social media.  Splento can connect you with professionals in those niches.


if you have an e-commerce brand or product and you want to hire photographers who specialize in creating content that pops: soona is probably the company for you.  with a la carte options and a streamlined virtual process — soona allows you to participate as much or as little as you’d like in your product photoshoot.  you can attend your shoot in-person at the Austin. Denver. or Minneapolis studios.  or you can send in your products and attend your shoot virtually from anywhere.  soona is worldwide. 

additionally: you can add photos to your favorites or to your cart in real-time as they’re being taken.  and when post-production editing is all complete: you only pay for the photos you truly love. with a 24-hour turnaround time: you’ll be ready to post your fresh content to social media. Shopify. etc in no time.

head to soona for some inspo. see the seasonal trend sets. and start imagining your dream content becoming a reality.

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