how reshopping your shoot helps extend your content strategy

by | Jun 14, 2021

the first steps to any content strategy are figuring out what you need and scheduling a shoot. here at soona: you buy only what you want or need. but what happens to the rest of the stunning content you loved but haven’t added to your cart yet? 

you reshop it. 

the content from your shoot is yours forever. that means you can ❤️  it. leave it. and come back when you need it. but it’s more than just grabbing them for the fun of it. reshopping can extend your content strategy & make your brand look. dang. good.

here are some ways our customers use reshop to change their content game:

come with a plan. leave with a surprise.

your shot list will tell us what you definitely want to get. like that standard product-on-white for your Amazon store. and that 360˚ product video. but once we’ve captured those: let’s have some fun. soona shoots are a collaborative + super creative moment between our team and you. you’d be surprised what comes out of some on-the-spot ideas. and this creates a super diverse content library for you to pull from over time.

tests & more tests.

one of the most meaningful ways to use reshop is testing. shoot your product one way. then make slight changes and capture them all. over the next few months: you can come back & grab your next iteration and track the metrics. maybe you notice one performs better than the other. that’s more insight to help you grow your store even though you didn’t have time for another shoot just yet! prep for your tests. see growth.

think ecomm and social in your shot list.

you need to launch your store. or maybe replace some of those out-of-date product photos. but how else does your brand show up across your channels? don’t leave your shoot without considering your brand’s social identity and how you can capture that alongside your ecomm photos & videos. maybe you try to knock out your site’s hero image + a few weeks of IG content in the same shoot.

indulge in trend sets.

one quick (and super easy) way to set yourself up for a fruitful reshop is trend sets. these are pre-made scenes ready to add to your shoot in a click. when you add a trend set: we’re able to quickly create next-level scenes you can use across your channels. even better? you can add multiple in one shoot. a truly seamless way to build your dream library. ✨

💡 check out our newest trend set collection + add a pride scene to your shoot!

we can’t wait to bring your content library to the next level + make it 100% worth reshopping every time. 

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