meet the soona referral program

by | Mar 18, 2021

the soona referral program is HERE. 

what’s better than creating great content for your business? showing it off to everyone you can! now you’ll get rewarded for sharing your soona love. get a free photo for every friend you send to soona!

one more time for the people in the back: YOU get a FREE photo credit when someone uses your referral link and books their first soona shoot. 

you win when others win. and we love that for you!

how many ways can you share? think: sharing your link on socials. sharing within your industry networks. or reaching out to your friends directly! 



  1. find your unique referral link at the bottom of your soona dash
  2. share your unique referral link anywhere
  3. those you refer can follow the link to create a new profile
  4. when they create their first photo or video booking you get a photo credit added to your soona account!


how does it work?

each soona client has a unique referral link at the bottom of the dashboard or at the footer of share the link anywhere! when someone follows your link and creates their first soona booking: you get a photo added to your account! 🎉  you can use this $39 credit to purchase photos from any booking.

what if I referred people before?

we are so grateful that you sent your friends to soona! anyone that follows your link and creates a booking will get you a free photo credit! we are unable to retro add photos to your account.

how do I get my free credit?

your friend will create an account using your link. when they create their first booking under that email address you’ll get a free photo credit in your account!

where can I see my photo credits?

you can see the number of photo credits you have in the referral section at the bottom of your profile page.

how can i use the photo credits?

your credits can be used to purchase photos only.

I referred someone but they didn’t book with my link. can I still get a photo credit?

photo credits are only added when they follow your link to create a new profile and create their first booking. if they did not follow your link we are not able to add photo credits to your account.

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