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make a splash with August’s trend of the month

by | Aug 11, 2020

as the summer months keep heating up, we’re cooling down with our favorite trend this month: water.

we’re obsessed with taking products for a swim! if you’re wanting a content refresh or a creative way to showcase your stuff: just add water! 🌊


why we love it.

who doesn’t love an action shot?! adding water to your shoot is a great way to add motion to your ocean of content! showing your product floating. sinking. drifting. splashing. is interesting and eye-catching and will make your product POP!



give your customers the feels.

let your photos do the talking. If your goal is for your customer to feel refreshed and renewed when they use your product then give them that feeling with your content! seeing a photo of a face wash splashing into water gives a different experience. you want to feel the cool & refreshing feeling you’re being promised in that photo! why tell them what you can show them?!


take on your own shape.

the best part about using water as a prop? it’s free! and you can make it take on whatever form you want! melting ice? light mist? giant splash? the creative possibilities are endless. from ripples to reflections: water can be the difference between a great photo or an amazing one.

🌊 ready to dive in? 🌊 

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