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how to build a perfect shot list for Instagram

by | Nov 10, 2021

one of the first steps to launching a store online is knowing the image requirements for each marketplace. but launching on social is different. The key to a beautiful Instagram feed is focusing more on aesthetic. this is where you can let your brand’s freak flag fly!

when people talk about Instagram visuals they often refer to the 9-grid—the first 9 images you see when you visit an Instagram page.  this grid is where a lot of brands spend time visually planning which is a very real and very important thing to consider. 

when you’re planning your Instagram presence: one of the key tricks to making it interesting is making it YOURS. play with color + props + angles that match your brand’s personality. this is your content playground! don’t be afraid to try new things like adding movement or models.. 

💡 still not sure if you need to spice up your Instagram grid? dive deeper into why visual planning matters

So – what does a shot list for an Instagram 9-grid refresh look like?

product on bright color paper

3 different shots of your product from different angles. it’s important to make sure you’re still highlighting your product in it’s true glory. but some splashes of color will bring the energy your grid needs.

patterned product 

your product over and over again. this is an incredible way to add dimension to your grid while still keeping the focus on your product.

product group shots

what’s better than one product? a group of them. grouping different products together adds interest + helps your customers better visualize which products are most popular or are typically purchased together.

product + hand model

humans are the key to high engagement and high conversion. seriously—we wrote about it! adding hands to your product photos is a quick way to grab attention mid-scroll.


two moving product images because GIFs always win. but seriously: people love seeing a product in action. and while videos are also well-loved: GIFs send your message super quickly. perfect for spicing up your 9-grid.

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