how to stand out with your Amazon A+ content

by | Oct 21, 2020

there are 2.5 million sellers on Amazon and at least a million more joining every year. Out of those millions of sellers: roughly only 200,000 have more than $100,000 in sales. how do you break into the $100,000 club? part of it is demand for your product of course but part of it is winning the attention of your potential customers.

we know Amazon has a lot of rules and requirements when it comes to the types of photos and videos that can be used. but those rules shouldn’t stifle your ability to be creative with how you present your products. starting with listing images.

🔥 tip: only the hero image needs to be on a pure white background. the rest of your listing images can tell the story of your product.

listing images can feel like a tough nut to crack with creativity but there are plenty of ways to make your standard product-on-white images stand out: interesting shadows. unique angles. filling the frame with complimentary props. ingredient close-ups. showing off pack sizes. to learn more about how soona can help you take your listing images to the next level: check out this post.


getting eye-catching listing images is an excellent way to get customers to click on your product but how do you seal the deal once they’re on your Amazon page? that’s where customers find value in your A+ content. this is where you can really put your product (and your brand!) on full display and go beyond your product on a white background.

spotlight features

having images and videos that put your product’s best features on display is a must-have for your Amazon and ecommerce stores. since your customers aren’t in-person to test it out or ask you questions about it you have to rely on your photos and videos to do the selling for you. spotlight content could show anything from your product in use to ingredients used to what’s inside the box.


embrace color

A+ content is where you can let your brand’s personality shine. get creative with your content and use colorful backdrops to help your page standout and bring your product to life.


love lifestyle images

lifestyle images show how your product seamlessly fits in the everyday life of your customer. let’s get personal. humans prefer to buy from other humans so having this type of content increases the trust customers have in your brand and your product.


introduce the fam

a decent chunk of online shoppers flock to Amazon when they are looking for inspiration when they don’t have a specific product in mind to purchase. in fact: 23% find themselves browsing Amazon for things to buy. this is a huge opportunity for sellers to influence purchasing decisions. 

if an aimless shopper comes across your Amazon page through one product that may not quite be what they think they’re looking for: your A+ content is your chance to pitch any other similar products you have.


video rules all

according to a study conducted by Big Commerce: video provided an increase in conversion rates with 62% of consumers saying they watch product reviews before purchasing in 2019. that huge percentage is reason enough to add a short-form video to your Amazon A+ page.

the best part about utilizing video is how creative you can get. soona can create fun + colorful videos that tell the story of your product in multiple ways. think: features highlight. product-in-use. testimonials. stop-motion displays. unboxing. 360 spin. how-to. 

video is an excellent way to speak directly to your customer and ensure the highlights and selling points are coming across exactly how you want them to.


if you’re not sure what’s missing from your Amazon content – don’t worry. we can help! download our Amazon toolkit to get started. or if you know what you need you can book a shoot now at don’t forget to use code trysoona to get your first photo free.


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