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how to celebrate Pride with visual content

by | May 26, 2021

June is Pride month & the celebration is bigger. than. ever.  

if your brand believes in a message year-round: your content should reflect it. 

so how can you mindfully celebrate Pride with content?

make pride content only one part of your celebration

celebrate people. both online + offline. yes – absolutely create content that supports what your brand supports. but also get out and show your support alongside the community you serve.

give LGBTQIA+ voices the platform

this is not only a time for brands to speak. It’s a great time for brands to listen. create a good mix of showing your support through brand content + the voices of employees / customers / advocates.

create a culture of support + celebration

celebrate close to home. literally within your business. when you create a diverse culture + nurture it: it shows up in everything you do. authentic businesses make authentic statements.

continue your support once June is over

the best thing you can do to celebrate Pride doesn’t just happen in June. It’s a forever thing. create tiny moments of celebration throughout the year + make it a mainstay in your business.

it’s a celebration. but it’s so much more. ready to kick off Pride month with soona? read about The Candor Clause + add a Pride scene to your shoot.

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