How Consultants and Service-Based Businesses Can Stand Out in the Content Marketing Game

by | Jul 18, 2019

“I feel like a celebrity every time I come to soona.”

Fun story: I overheard a real customer make this comment when I was in the bathroom earlier this week. I don’t recommend eavesdropping in the toilet stalls as a sentiment analysis tool, but I don’t reject it outright either. After all, people are pretty honest when they think no one is listening.

But this particular piece of feedback was super helpful, because it was coming from a marketing guru who is using soona to record videos on a variety of hot topics about her industry and services. And it’s a helpful reminder that for people and businesses who make their money not from their products – but from their services – they too need a way to feel like they can get your attention on your crowded newsfeed.

If you are not sure how your consulting brand or service-based business can get involved in the content game, don’t be afraid! Don’t get hung up! Don’t be afraid of experimentation! You too can make this happen! You are a part of the story! You are a necessary part of our newsfeeds! And most importantly: You can absolutely grow your business by creating visual marketing that represents you and the work you do!

Here’s just a few real-world examples of how service-based businesses are using soona to stand out in the content marketing game:

  • The Plumber Who Just Really Gives a Damn: I’m ashamed to admit that I don’t know the name of my plumber. But I might if Joe was my plumber. Our Denver studio recently got a visit from a local plumber who brought in a happy customer to talk about how they worked together to solve dozens of issues in a 100 year old home. Customer testimonials give businesses of any kind the ability to show off without being too braggy. Talk about standing out from a crowded Google search. In industries that are as old as pipes and as traditional as the hardware store, it’s easy to see how even the simplest of videos can help a local company truly stand out and make an impression.

  • The SEO Consultant Who Is Going Out on Her Own: Striking out as a freelancer or consultant away from the safety of the 40 hour work week and bi-monthly pay schedule can be scary. But that’s why a visit to soona might just be the start any aspiring solopreneur might need to really shine. And that’s what Minneapolis soona customer Deb did in her first week as her own boss. She booked a soona sesh to get a bunch of new content to announce her new endeavor. From a headshot for her website to a few fun social media images for her Instagram to a video about what services she was going to be offering, all this content helped her announce her new venture with a touch of professionalism that made her seem like a seasoned businesswoman.

  • The Wellness Workshop Host Who Holds Private Events: There are so many talented people in the world who are helping us understand our humanness and take those learnings and make our work lives and our personal lives better. But this work can seem really difficult to SHOW instead of just talk about. After all, this is work we do in our mind and activate in our thinking and feeling. How do we show a business that impacts our emotional world? Well, we suggest focusing on the FEELINGS and the TOOLS. At soona, we can help art direct beautiful images that show the feeling of this work to inspire people to get engaged and take control of their life in a new way.

These stories are just some of the recent successes. Certainly, it’s just the beginning. But they are representative of real learnings that any business can harness.

Every single brand has the ability to be visual. It may be easy to assume that a PERSON is not a PRODUCT, but of course, we all have stories to tell. We all have ways to bring our work to life. And we all have a valuable contribution to make to the visual universe where content gets shared. But the key starting point? Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there. Don’t be afraid to show off the small details that make up your brand – be it a color, a workbook or just some objects that inspire you. And don’t be afraid to talk to your customers. Your customers and happy clients might be your greatest advocates.