holiday content trends your brand should embrace for 2019

by | Aug 6, 2019

I’m sure you’re saying…”um, what? Are you serious? It’s August. Chill out”

But no. As pioneering marketers and savvy content creators, it is crucial to plan ahead. For brands that are planning social calendars on a monthly basis or bi-monthly basis, we suggest amping up your schedule to a quarterly-look ahead when it comes to the holidays. It will be one of the most competitive times of the year to earn the eyeballs of your customers. At soona, we are thinking about how to get those eyeballs excited NOW.

Here are my 5 holiday trend predictions for this year:

  • Tis the Season of Video Ads

Video is king, obvi. Most statistics would agree that video content stops viewers in their track(feed). Why? Because videos give a 360 glimpse of your brand or product. With video, objects come alive and emotions are felt. Stories are told and moments are shared. Create content that leaves your audience wanting more. How? By teasing them what’s new and what’s soon to come. Even adding light motion to a static image will make it more compelling and click-worthy.

A few tips for your holiday videos in 2019:

  • Keep videos short (:15 – :30) simple and to the point.

  • Make multiple versions. This will help you identify your best performers and be able to adapt on the fly.

  • IG Stories as Virtual Window Shopping

If your brand is not making instagram stories, you are doing it wrong. This holiday season, IG stories are going to be bigger than ever. Why? Because of how easy it is to swipe up and shop. Create catalog style content that focuses on one shoppable item at a time. This takes the viewer directly to your product page, one step closer to the shopping cart and makes the ‘swipe up’ shopping experience painless.

Also, remember to create content that is true to you and your brand. Keeping imagery bright, simple and easy to digest.

  • Make Your Posts Shoppable

Just like your stories, everything on your newsfeed should be shoppable. You want to make it super easy for your viewers to tap through to make a purchase. If not, you will lose their attendant, fast. Create an effortless shopping experience by using tags and stickers on all your posts.

  • The Comments Sections as Content

Shoppers are engaging with brands online before making purchases like never before. They reach out via email, text, messenger, instagram, comments…etc. And since the holiday season is one of the busiest times of year, folks don’t want any delay.

In addition to posting, you should be creating content for the comments section. Think outtake videos or bonus photos.

Brands needs to be quick, responsive and also human. Have all comments answered and questions resolved. Be friendly, warm and honest. And maybe even embrace emojis! Providing a personalized messaging experience for your customers will set your brand apart this holiday season. If not, they will move on to someone else.

  • Embrace All

Stay away from Christmas-only content and focus your visuals around festive, cheerful imagery. Create relatable moments that inspire nostalgic memories. Think white lights, delicious warm foods, cozy vibes and pops of silver and gold.

Explore using non-traditional colors like orange or yellow (not just green and red). You want your holiday content to be unique and stand out, not blend in.

Need Help?

At soona, we would love to assist you with all your holiday content needs. Whether you are looking to create a quirky video ad or a bold product shot for an IG story, we got you. Give us a call and let’s start brainstorming!