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3 quick tips to kickstart your father’s day promo

by | May 18, 2021

Father’s Day is sneaking up on us. it’s time to prep so your store will be ready for gift-buying. here’s three quick & easy things to do in the weeks leading up to it:

1. make it easy-peasy for your customers

people are ready to buy. so be ready to sell! consider creating a gift guide & serve it up to your customers as a carousel. this makes it clear: what your business offers & why they need it.

2. give your customers a nudge 

your hero image is the first thing customers see when visiting your store. so use this space wisely: add a Father’s Day hero to your homepage. this makes it immediately clear to customers that your store is as ready for father’s day as they are.

3. show the father’s day moment

this is the “so what?” moment. customers want to know how your product will work for them. so add in some props that give off father’s day vibes. think: your product + gift wrap.

✨ the secret: make decision-making easy for your customers. when they think: “where can i find good gifts” your store’s answer should be: “here.” once you do that: all they have to do is click buy. 

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