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harness your creativity with one simple hack

by | Feb 8, 2021

I’m a creative founder. my career has spanned the written word. the still photo. and film. my heart skips a beat when I get to spend time on anything artistic. it’s no surprise then that I flex my creative muscle at work. 

creativity is cyclical. there are moments where it’s a wave. and there are moments when it wanes. understanding the cycles of inspiration in your own work is the first step to being able to apply it to your business. 

but creativity may not come naturally for some people. a mind full of data and numbers may obscure the natural landscape of beauty that sits behind it. so here’s what I do when I’m feeling uninspired. it’s easy: I try something new. 





as long as I’ve never done it before it goes on the list. I might walk through an ice castle. try abstract painting. peruse an arts-and-crafts store and try my hand at bracelet-making. the point is not to find a hobby. the point is to find myself. the voice in my mind that is always humming a tune of artistry and fluidity. 

our minds are incredible—and surprisingly malleable. trying something new is one of the best gifts you can give your brain. why? because with every piece of new information it takes in your mind creates new neural pathways. there is quite literally no limit to the amount of new knowledge your brain can absorb. it is ultimately a human being’s greatest superpower. through learning and discovery – we may not become masters – but we make our brains better. 

sometimes doing something I’ve never done before gives me the perspective and motivation I need to get back to work. I might not be the world’s best basket-weaver but I’m really damn good at what I actually do for a day job. (we all need a reminder like that sometimes.)

when we try new things we get to see ourselves from a new perspective. that simple moment of appreciation for the way our minds can shapeshift can encourage us to return to that creative project at work that felt impossible and give it another shot. and in doing so we unlock the most profound leadership skill of all—the ability to change. 

next time you’re stuck: use this mental shift. you might be surprised at the results it delivers.

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